Friday, March 31, 2006

Over the Rainbow

Well yesterday was a pretty interesting day for us here in Kansas. I was sitting at work doing much of nothing, and then all these people started coming down here in the basement. So us being nosey asked what was going on? They stated that the Tornado Sirens were going off, well hell we couldn't hear anything.

So we go outside and look around and west of the town was this BIG DARK AND SCAREY LOOKING CLOUD, course I'm just in awe of it. Then we heard this weird noise and it got really cold all the sudden, that was the Tornado we heard and felt. It was pretty scarey and cool at the same time.

Well to make a long story short, a Tornado did indeed hit the ground west of town, and it killed a bunch of cattle, totally demolished some houses, and took an 80 year old man up with it. I guess he was lifeflighted to a hospital where he is being held for trauma to the brain because while he was in the tornado he was hit with debri. I'm assuming he wasn't aware of what was going on because when the Tornado hit he was outside working in the yard. I feel so bad for him and his wife :( He had emergency brain surgery and now they are waiting for him to come out of that.

I've only seen one tornado before and that was a couple of years ago when I was driving home from Oklahoma. I kept hearing on the radio "Tornado just touched the ground..." I looked around me and it was sunny and no clouds in the sky. I just shrugged my shoulders and thought I was fine and kept on driving. As soon as I got to the toll booth it was dark like it was night time outside. I was getting scared then. I couldn't see 2 feet infront of me because of all the rain. I called my mom on my cell, that was about to die, and asked her what was going on. She informed me that i was headed right towards the tornado and told me to turn around. I said to her "mom i'm on a turnpike there's not exits and i can't turn around!!" i was about to pee my pants, or poop them. I finally saw an exit and took it. Ended up in Lowes parking lot. Got out ran to the doors as they were locking them, but they let me in. My phone rang it was my mom, "where are you?" she asked. "I'm in lowes" i stated back. "my god, you're gonna die in there!" well i wasn't about to go back OUTSIDE and find somewhere else to look. As I turned around and looked out the glass doors I saw the tornado land on the street and it was just cruzing along the high way. I had no clue where I was nor what town it was, so I stopped and asked someone where I was and they looked at me like was I was a total moron! I stated well I was on the turnpike and took the first exit I saw. What I really wanted to say was "man excuse me for coming into your town and not know what the name of it was, I didn't want to die!!!!

Well that's enough posting, all bad weather has stopped for now. But I do live in what they call Tornado Alley, so it could possibly be bad again in a seconds notice. But nothing so far.

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