Thursday, April 20, 2006


Well nothing very exciting happened today. Unless takeing 2 tums for heart burn can be considered exciting! LOL.

I'm supposed to go paint tonight, but you know what I'm SO EXHAUSTED RIGHT NOW, I just don't know if I have the strength to do it. It needs to be done so I guess I will go for a while. Will see if J did any of the things I asked him (probably not) i don't know about him sometimes. I'm beginning to think that I'm way out of my league with this whole thing. He doesn't ever do anything I ased if it is to do with anything in the house. He won't pick up after himself, I love him to death but he's starting to get on my last nerve. I can't bare to tell him all of this so I just bite my tongue. I know if I ask him to do stuff in the near future I'm going to flip my lid, and we don't want that!

I finally found a salon that will do my hair and Laura's hair for the wedding, thank god seeing it is only 5 weeks away. J is about to drive me insane with not having a tux yet. He states "it will get here it will get here", yeah BUT WHEN!!!! I'm about to go get 2 tuxes myself and make him tell the dude to give him his money back. I've woken up 2 times in the past 2 weeks at 3 in the morning stressing about DAMN TUXES, shouldn't the groom-to-be be stressing about this? He doesn't seem to freaking care (would of loved to use a different word there, couldn't bring myself to do so). ARRGGHHH, someone please slap me! NO NO NO Wait SOMEONE SLAP HIM! There I'll just sit back and watch! LOL.

Well I'm at work like usual, we aren't busy but I'm tired of typing LOL. Take care!

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