Friday, April 07, 2006

It's Friday!!!

Well it's 4:41pm on a Friday afternoon, and guess what? I have 18 minutes left of work!!!! THANK GOD!!! I'm about to go insane!!! List the events of what has happened today. A little timeline if you will!

5:45 am - Alarm clock goes off. Like usual I turn over and slam the snooze button. Roll over and go back to sleep.

5:54 am - Alarm clock goes off again. Same thing, smashed the snooze button rolled over and got a cold nose on my back, KATIE!!

6:03 am - Alarm clock goes off YET again (why I set it so early, I don't know). This time as a rolled over I was met by soft brown eyes pleading to go outside.

6:04 am - Got up got the robe got Katie, actually had to wake Jade up to get her out of her cage and took them both outside.

6:24 am - FINALLY!!! For really needing to go outside it took Katie 20 minutes to do her morning duties. I blame that on the Stray Cats outside, she kept barking at them. Jade she was done within 3 minutes!

6:30 am - take shower (well bath I unfortunately do not have a shower :*( )

6:45 - Get out of tub get around for work, forget to eat breakfast, but remember to feed the "babies".

7:00 am - Put "babies' in their cage, listened to them whine, told them if they pooped in their cages they would be in big big big trouble!! Gave them treats and grabbed my purse.

7:15 am - on my way to work somehow I realize that the jeans I'm wearing have a hole in them in the inner left thigh. My favorite pair too :(

7:30 am - arrive to work (on top YEAH!!!)

8:00 am - Noon - Answered the phones at work, boy we were busy!!!

Noon - 12:45pm - took lunch, which entailed going to wal-mart to find new pair of pants. Couldn't find any there so I went to Cato's, and couldn't find anythere either. (Well of course they had PANTS, but non that I would wear!).

12:46pm - Realized I'm gonna have to wear holy pants until I can go home and change :( bummer

12:48 pm - Pulled into sonic and order a junior bacon cheese burger and a small diet Dr. Pepper.

1:00 pm - Clocked in back from lunch sat at my desk and at my cheese burger and drank my Dr. Pepper.

1pm - 4:52 (now) - Answered phones read blogs, and posted on mine.

Boy don't you just envy my life? Don't you just want to be me REALLY REALLY BAD? HAH!

This weekend is going to be busy. Tomorrow I have to go to James' sisters wedding, and then on Sunday we are painting all day, BECAUSE IT'S GOT TO BE DONE JAMES!!!! That was just a reminder for him :) LOL.

Well since I've bored you to tears it's almost time to clock out YIPPEEE!!!! I'll probably post tomorrow or try to Sunday !!!


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I want to be like Susie.

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