Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just Blah....

There's nothing much to really post about that is a big interest or happening in my life right now. SO this will most than likely be a really boring post. LOL, but I remind myself that this is not for others but for myself as a "diary", so who cares if it's boring?! Right?!

This weend was a big blurr, I had a 3 day weekend had friday off. I painted ALL WEEKEND LONG, and after painting realized that I do not like the living room in one solid color! SO now I have to go back and do all the trim and door ways in White, which sucks majorly! Help would be nice...I got a "little" help through out the weekend only when I fussed and got mad at someone. But o'well I'm guessing that this is most likely all married couples, oh fun fun, but isn't this so supposed to start AFTER we are married? HAH!

I went over to my parents house last night and took Katie and Jade with me. Katie just about flipped a lid when I pulled onto their street, she knew where she was going. She was going to "GRANDMA'S" (these are dogs i'm talking about now LOL). Jade well she is not an "outside" dog unless it's to go out to potty and right back in, because I don't have a closed in yard. But she JUST LOVED my parents' back yard. She was running around sniffing this and that, peeing everything. I think she ran out of pee before the night was over. She was loving every minute of it until my father let his bird dog "missy" out of her pen. Missy came over to Jade and sniffed her (she's a small bird dog but still like 100 percent bigger than Jade) and then started dancing around as to say "OH a new friend, a new friend, Oh goody!" well this freaked Jade out (my scardy cat of a dog). Her eyes got really big almost popping out of her head her ears perked up and went back and she took in a dead run across the yard and leaped into my lap. As if she was saying "Oh shit, mommy, that beast is huge! HELP!" We all a laughed at this.

Missy dropped her head and walked towards my dad, as if she was saying "Daddy she doesn't like me? Whats wrong with me?" LOL. THen Katie saw that Missy was out and Missy forgot about her horrible not making friends with Jade session, as the two leaped and bounded through the yard, all while Katie was nipping at Missy's heals. Missy and Katie are best of friends. They grew up together as puppies. They love love love each other!

Then I went home, did dishes for 45 mintues while I cooked myself some supper. Yeah I had a lot of dishes for 1 person! I can't wait until I have a dishwasher! Stayed up and watch some TV, with my exhausted puppies in my lap snoring away. Katie snores very loudly for being a wienee dog, Jade, she's a wienee too but she doesn't snore loudly, she just sighs loudly! I watched "My Date with Drew Barrymore" it was cute. THen took a bath, while in the bath prayed for the Bolin family as they are going through a very very very horrific time right now. Prayed for the Underwood family as they took are going threw a horrific time right now. And prayed that Justice will be done to the awful man who did this AWFUL thing. Then went to bed.

YUP told you this was going to be a boring post! Well at work and it's lunch time, FOOD!!!!!

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