Friday, April 28, 2006

A little to much wine...okay...way to much wine!

As I sit here listening to Jay Leno, my dog "Katie" is passing the most horrible gas I think I have ever smelt in my life, (I know you just wanted to know)! I can not believe that an animal her size can make you want to go and get your own gas mask! She's depressed, she misses her sissy "Jade", but she will back home tomorrow. She's recoporating (sp?) from her recent surgery.

My sister-in-law and I are going to the little festival tomorrow, our town holds this event every year. It's called "The New Beginnings Festival", and it celebrates the beginning of spring, I think. Sheesh, you'd think I would know what this festival is actually for, as I've lived in this boring town my whole entire life! But, no, actually I don't have a clue what it is celebrating! I know I'm lame, and have no interest in the events in this town, LOL.

But it's going to rain here tomorrow, as it has been raining for the last, oh 18 hrs or so...we had a 100 percent chance of rain today and a 90 percent chance of rain for tomorrow, and 70 precent chance of rain on Sunday. Although we need the rain, rain is kind of a depressing time for me. It is just so blah outside when it rains, although I do like the smell after the rain, it smells so clean. That is until our petroleum plant(sp? i can't spell worth the poo!) stinks up the town again!

I wonder if I will find some cool crafts tomorrow. I hope so, I'm in the mood to spend some money. I'm dog sitting for my parents tonight and tomorrow. Well, I don't have to actually sit at the house and watch the dogs, that would be a bit boring. I just have to go feed them and let them out, and show them that just because their mommy and daddy left, doesn't mean they aren't loved. My mom has two weenie dogs also, and they are the weirdest dogs I've ever known in my whole entire life. They infact are weenie dogs, but they have the composure, characteristics and attitude of a Chihuhau (sp? i know i know, get a dictionary!). They are strange. They only really like my mom, and could care less for anyone else, unless of course that other person has FOOD, oh my goodness, beware if you have food in your hand you will indeed be tackled, or google eyed at until you give them a bite.

I however can not say that Katie doesn't act like this also, because well she does. See I went to school for almost 4 months in 2004, and my mother spoiled her more than I do, so now Katie does that same google eye thing with me when I have food. I never really gave her "people bites" maybe cheese or bread every once in a while. Well when my mom had her, she ruined that for me, lol. I however have not taught Jade how to beg, and I'm keeping it that way. She has no understanding that I'm eating "people bites" and goes on with her own business. Good doggie!!!

I'm so exhausted. I've for some odd reason have been reading I don't know why. But there are some sick sick sick evil evil evil people in this world. I just read and state "Oh my Gosh!", "Oh how sick". I've always been a sucker for true crime stories, ever since I was younger and thought I would be a profiler for the FBI. HEHEHE. I used to play FBI with my barbies, and I always found the bad guy before something else happened. I however will never be an FBI profiler :(. But that doesn't stop me from watching A&E cold cases, or CSI, or Vanish without a Trace, or Medium (well she's really not a profiler, but it's a cool show), or Missing on lifetime, I like these shows. I always try to guess who the bad guy is before they show us, and I'm always wrong. See why I won't ever be a Profiler for the FBI? ARRGGHHH!!!

I don't understand why people do what they do, and I will never understand it. I will continue to pray for those who were lost because of the evil doings of others, and the families of those who were lost. I hardly pray for myself, my nightly prayers always goes for people who are in distress, or in need of a miracle. Because they need the prayers more than me.

Hehe well that was like 6 topics in one post, no no no, I haven't had 2 glasses of wine, and no there is no way at this moment that I'm feeling those 2 glasses of wine. LOL. I normally don't drink by myself, but I felt like a glass of wine. Then I got another, and well, um...yea...enough said!!!

I did never find that damn sock I was looking for last night. I don't know I guess it just grew legs and walked off, thought maybe it would go frockling somewhere. See the world or something. Damn sock! Or maybe just maybe Katie hid it somewhere. You have to be careful with her sometimes if you leave anything on the floor we have to go "hide" it, as we think that everything in this house is our personal toy.

I've looked in her favorite hiding spot today, which is behind the love seat. I didn't find the sock but I did find the following:

2 raw hide bones
1 pony tail holder (that i've been looking for, for like 2 weeks)
1 dollar bill (guess she wants to buy something?)
1 destroyed stuffed animal (not her's it was mine, that stinker!)
a chewed up electric bill (i'm assuming it's not the new one, or am i hoping? would the electric company believe "i didn't pay my bill as my dog ate it?", probably not, because if teachers and professors don't fall for it, the electric comapny won't either. But with our electric company, they are some kind of different people, they'd just might, LOL.)
and last but not least, a foil wrapper from a candy bar i think..i'm not sure.

Yea, I have a klepto for a dog. She likes to take things that aren't hers just because she has this urge to take it. I guess I'm gonna have to start looking behind the love seat more often LOL.

Well I guess that is a enough blabber for one post, as I am not making one bit of freaking sense. Or am I? No I believe I am not. And you are probably drooling at your desk at this moment as I bored you to sleep. Sorry! Just felt like posting. Why? I'm not sure, guess I wanted you to enjoy the wine just as much as I did, ehehehe!!!!

Off to bed I go!!! To dream of a dreamy Ryan Reynolds (oh yes, that would be a perfect dream. Forget Alanis, Ryan, come marry me!!!)

oh here's a pic of the camera I'm thinking of buying this weekend. I hope I have the nerve to actually spend the money on it, as I really really do want it!!

4 of you stopped by and said:

At 9:24 AM, Blogger BarnGoddess said...

My camera was the best investment I made in the last 2 years, you will not regret it. I bought a Kodak also. Your mother's weenie dogs sound like my Elvis. People sometimes mistake him for a chuhauha (sp?)he has a tiny head and he shivers all the time, he only weighs about 6#, hes 7yo. Weenie dogs are the best! we smuggle ours into hotels all the time and no one is the wiser..

At 10:06 AM, Blogger butterfly_chic26 said...

barngoddess - lol I haven't tried smuggleing mine into a hotel yet. Katie is 9.6 pounds and Jade is 4.5 pounds.

At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Laura said...

That camera looks almost exactly like mine except mine is a Minolta or something!! LOL!!

At 3:08 PM, Blogger butterfly_chic26 said...

i'm having FUN FUN FUN with my new camera!!!


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