Friday, April 14, 2006

My Feelings on this whole matter...

I don't live in Independence just work there. When this whole thing happened I was like OMG! Even though this is was a "hoax", I was very glad and admire the community of Independence as they came together for 1 person and her family, even if they did not know her. This tells you alot about the community. As I say this I'm not saying I approve of what Kelsey did, that way beyond my point. I just know that if this was to happen again the community would put this inncodent behind them in that time of Crisis to help again. I could not say that for my community from where I am from.

On the whole ordeal, I'm a shocked, confused, and just as disgusted as the rest of you. I could have NEVER thought up something like this at her age. I just don't understand children these days. They have no sense of right or wrong, what are parents telling and teaching their children?

As not doing this for attention? I don't buy that one, she had to know when she called 911 what an uproar it would of made. Notice she didn't call her mom first to state she was kidnapped? If she had her mother would of called the police and then it would be a 24 hr wait to start the search. You learn this as this same thing is now happening in Oklahoma for a poor unfortunate 10 year old girl. They did not issue an amber alert until 24 hrs after her disapperance. My point is she knew EXACTLY what she was doing. Also spending the day southwest of Independence? No I don't believe that either, in her call you CAN hear her talking to someone else in the background. I believe she had someone with her, and she is trying to protect them from this same public humility. The story about her being SW of Indy doesn't add up. As she was found on the East side of Indy. She could of not walked from the SW to North East without someone seeing her!!! She was probably in that patch of woods all day, and I believe she threw her phone in the river.

I'm glad she is home and safe and nothing truly happened to her. I'm not so sure if punishment is the best policy in this case. I think that therapy would be better than punishment. Get down to the fact of why she would do this, why she would hurt her family and her community for some "attention". She mad a bad choice of trying to call out for help.

The chief stated "medical issues". And then the spokesman stated "pressure". This leads me to believe that the medical and pressure issue are something way bigger then just being depressed, or insane. I'm not going to state what I believe, as I don't want to start any more rumors than there are.

I'm am just glad that she is safe, and hopefully her family will get her the help she needs. As the bible states "We shall forgive but never forget". I forgive her, she deservice at least that. I think everyone should forgive her, not to bennefit her, but to put our minds at peace.

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At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Laura said...

This was on Good Morning America this morning.

At 2:07 PM, Blogger BarnGoddess said...


medical issue? good one, maybe crazy, lack of conscience, narcissistic just some words that sprang into my mind.

I am glad she is okay, but really-why would anyone do something like this?!

The 10 yo girl from Purcell that is missing, law enforcement thinks an online sexual predator has taken her, it looks bad. I hope she is found safe.

At 1:50 PM, Blogger bethanie said...

I know what you're saying! I still can't believe it. I think we're on the same wavelength about her "medical issues" I think ther's more than just depression.

And I am heartbroken about that little OK girl. That's what Amber Alerts are for!!


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