Sunday, April 09, 2006

Shots, Wrinkles, Wedding Bells...and more!!

Yesterday was a very long day for me. Well Let me start from Friday, because from Friday night leading into yesterday was So SO So full of events.

Friday night after leaving work James calls me stating that his sisters rehearsal dinner is at 5:30, reminder I have hole in my pants, I was stated that I'm not dressed for a rehearsal dinner. He said that is what he thought, and I asked why he didn't mention this sooner that way I could be pepared. He said he didn't know until 2 that afternoon. I said it's up to him if he wants to go. He said we didn't have too. I hang up, then call him back and stated that we better go it would mean a lot to his mom, dad, and sister. I had him meet me a Catos so I can find a quick outfit to wear. He paid for it, and that was not my attentions! He is such a sweetie!! Well we get there and it's raining, and we help his mom put out the food as everyone was arriving. It was a nice dinner, brisket, tators, salad and drinks. We leave the dinner around 8pm. I finaly get home and the dogs are going out of their minds!!!

Saturday I got up at 7 in the morning because I had to take Jade to the vets to get her parvo vaccine. See the original vet only gave her 2 shots for this and told me she wouldn't need another until she was a year old, I thought this was odd as Katie had 4 shots for this vaccine. Well 2 weeks ago she (Jade) came down with Parvo. I rushed her to the vets and they hospitalized her for 3 days. SO I take both dogs to the vets beecause I didn't want Katie to feel left out in not going on a bye bye trip. Well I pulled into the parking lot and told Katie she had to stay in the car, but when i got out she jumped out the door and started running around the parking lot. I'm yelling at her to stop, and she finally does. So I put her back in the car and go in and Jade gets her shot.

I got home and went to wal-mart because I need black pants for the wedding. I get those and come back home and get ready. I go and pick up James at 11, and he's not even up yet. So i got him up and asked him where his suit was he stated on the couch. I go to the couch and see the suit laying there in a heap. I was LIke great! He can't go to a wedding with wrinkles everywhere. I'm kinda mad, and I think he knew it. He kept stating that it was okay, and I kept stating no it's not you can not go to a wedding in a mass of wrinkles. Well neither of us owns an iron (see i don't have use for an iron as I have wrinkle reducer spray, AND I HANG MY CLOTHES UP SO THEY DON"T GET WRINKELED!!!) so I had to go Family Dollar which was right behind his house to get an iron. So here I am on my knees Ironing his dress shirt on the coffee table ontop of a towel. Well I did the best I could with what I was working with, and I haven't ironed a dress shirt since my mom showed me how when i was like 10 years old!!! He looked very handsome, and sexy in his suit!!!

We get to the church 15 minutes before the wedding is to start, because we had NO Clue where this church was, we went the wrong way and the church was on the opposite side of town than we were on. So we get there and we seat ourselves and we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. by 1:15 his mom calls him on his cell, his dad was lost. So he had to find his dad. by 1:50 the wedding started (the wedding was to start at 1:00). It was a beautiful ceremony, a differen't on, as it was held in a Mormon church, but all the same it was beautiful. His sister looked like cinderella, and his neice was so cute as the flower girl. She stood up there and kept on throwing pettles out of the basket, SO CUTE!!!

The reception/dance was fun also. Except we did a lot of running around, to get things that were forgotten back at his mom's house. I think I finally ate around 5pm, this is the first meal of the day for both James and I. We left around 6:30 and Got back to the 'Ville around 7:15. I told him I was going home and resting as my feet hurt and I was exhausted, he understood. We talked about what we wanted at our reception (which is cake punch and finger foods and that's it) and how we want our ceremony to go. I'm nervous like hell, I just hope everything goes as planned!!!

I'm getting ready to go over to his house right now and Paint, we have to have all painting done by Thursday so that way we can use the 3 day weekend to revise the other rooms in the house. His house has to be fixed up by the 2nd week in May as my stuff will be moved in at that time. And then I'm going to stay with My mom and dad for 2 weeks before the wedding. I've promised my mother I would not live with him until we are married, and this is the arrangement we've come up with.

So that was my interesting weekend. Probably boring to anyone else, but you had to live the events to make exciteable (is that a word? if so is that spelt right?) I guess...

Well off to Paint!!!

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At 8:09 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

My sister got married two weeks ago, They bought a house back in September and my dad has been fixing it up for them. Surprisingly it wasn't ready before the wedding (and won't be for about 2 more weeks)!


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