Monday, April 24, 2006


Well the last of what had to happened, happened. My mom called me after work stating that she had lined up a good friend of hers B and my brother Z to help move the entertainment center and my curio cabinet out of J's house. I had to do the hard part I had to tell him I'm calling it off.

I pulled up to his drive way and the stuff that was to be hauled off was not hauled off, big surprise there. I walked into the house and he had not done anything after we (my parents and I) had left last night, the bathroom was cluttered again, big surprise there. I walked into the room with the curio cabinet, I had put his clothes into the dresser and the drawer I had put his socks in was wide open? How hard is it to close a drawer?

Well I went back to his room and he was asleep. I had to wake him up and tell him that I can not do this. I was not emotional, infact i was oddly calm, I was however shaking. I told him this is not going to work, this is an issue that will always be there, and this is something that unless we both work together with will not work itself out. He just looked at me. He didn't say much, but what could he say? I mean he just woke up and he had to listen to this, what a way to wake up. I said I was willing to still date, but I don't know if this will change, that would have to be up to him to decide.

I did however tell him that he can keep the couch but I would need 600 on thursday (when he got paid) to pay back the money to the person who gave it to us to begin with as a wedding gift, it is only fair, as this didn't work out, he said he understood and that he would take it to my parents house on Thursday. I hope he keeps this part of his end up. He really has no choice, I mean I have the receipt to the couch, and i told him if it is not paid to me by thursday then we would be coming to get it. I think he will keep this promise up (ihope).

well nothing much more to say about the whole thing. It will take time to adjust to this. I'm guessing I'm single again. This was one hard thing to have to go through. But as everyone said to me today "Better now then when we were married." I'm tired, and I think I'm gonna lay with the pups and watch some tv, take a relaxing bath and chill b4 bed.

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