Saturday, April 29, 2006

When will it be all over with?

Well I thought that when J dropped the money by my parents house on thursday, them giving him the rings and his camera back, and then me taking his ring back to the store, that this whole ordeal would be over with.

Well I guess I guess again (hmmm..that made no sense). Yeah I was laying in bed tonight trying to get to sleep, with 2 dogs snoring it is difficult, anyway, and remembered that he still has my desktop tower, monitor and keyboard. I just messaged him stating that I would like these things back. I wouldn't worry about it normally, but that was given to me for free, and I can't afford to go out and buy a brand new one. I so badly wanted to put withing the message, "perfably (sp?) in the same working order as it was given." but I didn't. If it doesn't work my brother can fix it for me. He's great on computers, and I believe that he is better than J's brother at this.

I just wish the whole thing was over. Today while out at the festival and at wal-mart, I had several people congradulate me on my engagement. I had to say "Thank you , but I'm not getting married." I'm glad that nobody asked me why, they just stated "Oh, well at least what ever happened, happened before you were married." I'm begining to think that is the "choice" of phrase from everyone, LOL. But a lot of the people who told me this have been through a divorce or many divorces.

I don't think he'll message me back. If he doesn't I'll email him tomorrow. Or just forget about the desktop computer and save my money up (again) and purchase a newer and better one. I'm tired, but I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight, Jade is so sore from her surgery and she is a little bit restless in the bed. Hehe I know put her in a cage, but I feel better having her next to me just in case something was to go wrong in the night, and I would be right there if she needed me. I know...I know...that this is only a dog and not a real baby. But as I've stated before, these 2 animals are the closest I have to children, and so therefore I treat them like "human" babies. I'm sick and I need help, and I know this. LOL.

Oh did I mention that I LOVE MY CAMERA?

And we can't forget the puppies, Katie and Jade!!!

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At 7:37 AM, Blogger BarnGoddess said...

Love the pics! Dontcha just love your new camera? I am going to put a pic of my 'Elvis' in todays post, c'mon by!

I hope you get your pc back okay..

At 1:11 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

I hope J handles all of this stuff carefully and you get it back in good shape. The camera takes really good pics and and Katie and Jade are precious. Funny isn't it how much pets can do for our lives...I mean they are so consistent and always loving. My three cats are my kids with fur coats and have always been better than the men I have run into in this venture of a life.....

Take Care and love on your children


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