Thursday, April 06, 2006


As I sit here in my recliner my town is surounded by all sides of nothing but tornadoes. We however have nothing going on here. It's really weird. I work 20 minutes away in the city north of here. They just had a tornado go through it, the Highway I take home now has a tornado on it, south of me where my cousins live in oklahoma there are tornadoes. It's strange here it's really windy and light outside. Nothing seems to be coming this way. I probably shouldn't say that as it might, and well i'm dressed for bed, not dressed to go out to a shelter LOL. I hope all my fellow employees are safe, all of them are undercover right now.

It's nothing unusual for us to have weather like these, but it's really unusual for it to happen all at once! Tornado Alley is our nickname. I'm not one to watch the weather channel, but that is my choice of programming tonight. 19 tornadoes reported today and most of them in Kansas. It will be like this until early June.

Oh there's the thunder...hehe told you I should of not said anything!!! I just want sleep tonight as I only got 4 hours sleep last night and that makes it a total of 4 hours sleep for 2 days. Fun Fun!!! This kind of weather always makes me sleep good. So I think that's where I'm headed, I know it is only 6:22pm but I'm tired!!!

I'm going to get the pet taxi out for the pups just incase we have to evacuate and go somewhere safe, but more than likey we won't. I just looked out my window, damn I wish i had a digital camera right now!!! It's sunney here and dark black all around me, it's actually a neat sight!!!

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At 9:03 PM, Blogger bethanie said...

No, you're totally right - I think people these days DON'T take responisibility for themselves. URGH!!!

At 7:58 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Did you have your Ruby Slippers on? LOL You never know????????


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