Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm Silly

I was looking at my email today and someone emailed me with subject of Suddenly Susan Moments. I was like hmmm...that sounds familar! Then It dawns on me, that is my VERY VERY VERY first blog, (i think it's my first one). Well there's like a total of um...6 or 7 posts and that's it, lol. See I would start a blog and get bored with it, so I would forget about it. I'm not doing that to this one so do not have any worries, I will be here to bore the living day lights out of you everday, or every other day, or pfftt, ever two or three times in one day, lol.

But I'll post the link to the "1st" blog over in the links section on my side bar, I was ONE BIG DORK.


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