Thursday, May 25, 2006

In Pain

Well right now my whole face is nothing but one big pain in my hiney!!! Tuesday I had this bump coming up on my nose and well natrually I thought it was only a pimple. But then yesterday and today my nose is swollen (and i have a very petite little pugging nose, so this to me is a horrible thing to have a red shiney nose like rudolph). My face hurts from the corner of my left eye down to my nose, through my lips around my jaw line and under my chin. It hurst to talk, smile, eat, and to touch. Inside of my lips are swollen as well as well as the inside of my cheeks. My eyelids feel so heavy it's like they can shut any momement now and never open again. I'm so tired !!!

I also have this nasty bump on the back of my head that hurts as well. It's hard as a rock and probably the size of an acorn. I noticed this Sunday night.

I think that I have a spider bite on my nose, that's why I'm in pain in my face, not so sure what's wrong with the back of my head, a girl at work told me there was no indication on a bite where the bump has appeared.

I have this sore on the tip of my nose it's all scaley and scappy, and pussy, and yellow (yeah I know I'm going WAY into graphic details, SORRY!). And it itches half the time and the other half of the time it throbs with ever pulse my heart lets out. It's alittle bit annoying.

On other news, I haven't posted much because I've been in a pretty crappy mood all week. This week was supposed to be the "wedding" week. I was supposed to have a wedding rehearsal on tuesday night, and the ceremony was to be at 7pm tomorrow night. Well that is not happening and it's all just hit me this week. Yes I know that I called it off a month ago but it really never did hit me until MOnday. I'm not going to get married, I'm still going to be single after this weekend. That's alot to handle you know. I'm getting better about it I was in a half of a good mood yesterday, I'm in a little bit of better spirits right now, except for the physcial pain that I'm suffering at this moment.

Well that is all for now, I'm giong to get cable internet this weekend so I'll be able to post this weekend YIPPEE!!!


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At 9:03 PM, Anonymous Laura said...

You need to see a doctor ASAP!!!!!


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