Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just another Post...

Well like i stated b4 really nothing happening right now to really post about, I know I lead such a boring life. But I'll post anyways, since I like to type and all.

Sunday - Lets see I can't remember if I posted what I did on sunday or not, lol, I've slept since then. I got up later than I wanted, around 9 am. Lounged around for a bit, loving on the pups. Found ou that Jade has some sort of rash on her tummy, it was like pimples we as humans get, and I don't know what she got into to have a rash. So I went to my parents house to get the cooling gel that I got for Katie when she was that age. My dad didn't remember ever seeing and asked "Why would we have it?" and I looked at him and said "Um...because I never took it with me." I found it, it was where I last saw it. Then I left for bartlesville. As I was pulling up into Laura's parking area of her apartment complex she called me. Asking me if I was still coming to bville, as she just read that on my blog (so I guess I did post a little something on sunday, lol). Said to her yup, and she asked when I'd be there, stated to her I'm already in your parking lot. So I went up to her apartment. We went to the mall, and I went to Claires and Hallmark. Got what I needed and we went to Garfields and ate. Then I stopped by the book store, wanted to get a True Crime book to read, didn't find anything all that interesting. I left got home aroun 3:15 and went to the laundry mat to do laundry. Then went to Laura's mom's house for some pizza and went back home and watched Charmed, which I'm very pissed at, at this moment.

Monday - Worked until noon, then took the rest of the day off to go to Laura's Papa's funeral. It was a nice service. Got home around 3:45, (after picking up 2 roses in a vase for her mother from katie, jade and I). Got home and cooked some soup as I hadn't had anything to eat yet. Played with the girlies and went to bed after watching Animal Cops and getting mad at people who do not deserve to own a pet. I don't know why I watch this show all it does is upset me, and makes me cry. And I don't cry easily, unless it comes to an animal, I'm a big softy for that.

Today (tuesday) - hmmm mailed off a package and a letter, and well work LOL. And that's about it.

Back on the animal thing, I really wish I had the funds and donations to start up our own SPCA. All we have here is a dog pound and those dogs have like 4 to 7 days to be reclaimed or adopted and they are put down. This is so sad, it breaks my heart. I would like to start something up where the dogs or kitties or anyother animal that is being abused or what not would not have to have their lives ended because no one wants them. There are few reasons why animals should ever be put down, and these are the reasons:

A. If they are a harm to the public (like bit someone or something)
B. If they have rabies
C. If they are in alot of pain and are suffering, and the only way to relieve the suffering is to put them at peace.

No body should die because they are unwanted. If stupid people would just spay or neuter their animals then this would not be a problem. If you own a pet, then you took on the responsiblity to provide, addiquit (sp?) medical attention, food, warmth, and love. If you can not provide these things then don't get an animal. Would you let your child sit in it's own filth, drink out of moldy water dishes, feed them when ever it is convienant for you, not give them the love that they deservice, or the medical attention that they need? I don't think so (but unfortunaitly (sp?) some people do, do this to their OWN children, in this case they themselves should be spayed or neutered!), so then why would you do this to your animal? An animal that has not other option to trust you in hopes that they will be well provided for. They are helpless they can not do these things themselves. It would be one crazy world if an animal walks itself to the vets to be taken care of, or walks to the store and buys it's own food!

Well that's my rant....as you can see I look down upon people who mistreat children and pets! My best friend Laura mom and step dad have this neighbor who would beat the living tar out of her golden lab for barking with a broom handle. One day I had a enough of it. I went into her (laura's) backyard and walked right up to the fense (neigbor was still two yards away from me), and yelled "Look you damn lady (although I didn't use the word damn, it was another choice of word), dogs park, if you don't want him to bark get him a no bark collar. If you don't stop beating your dog with that broom handle, then I will jump over these fences and use it on you. He does not deserve to beat like that, and you don't deserve a dog. I will also call Animal Control, have them remove your dog, and site you for Animal Cruelity, I will not stand for this. You will be arrested for this (and she could have been arrested, they do that here), that's like beating on a defenseless child for doing something they didn't know was wrong." She (a korean woman) just stood there and starred at me, then started reciting something that I couldn't understand. I then stated "I don't want lip, just stop beating the poor animal, get rid of him if you can handle it, just don't beat him. You ungrateful Hag!" She marched off into her house.

Well needless to say um...that dog was gone in a week. The dog and it's pen. I don't know what happened to the dog, nor do I want to know. I just hope that he's with a loveing family, and hope she didn't kill him.

I still see this woman, when I first moved over to my apartment I saw her every morning walking around the school. I had to then walk Katie for her potty breaks, and this woman would just stare at Katie, and Katie growled and snarled at her. I was like "good girl", then the woman would say "what a cute little doggy" and I would say thanks but at the same time thinking "pfft..whatever you old hag". Well when I told her I was getting another dog she stated "Oh my goodness why the heck for, isn't 1 enough?" I looked up at her and stated "Well when you love animals you will always want to be surrounded by them, rather they bark or not." She looked at me. And walked off. I don't think she knows I'm the one that yelled at her that one day. I just know that every time this woman walks around the school for her "exercise" Katie still jumps up on the love seat and barks, growls and snarls at her. There's something not right with this woman, and both Katie and I can sense it.

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At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Chrissy said...

Your such a good mommy to your girls!

At 1:29 PM, Blogger butterfly_chic26 said...

chrissy - awww thank you I do try!!!

At 3:16 PM, Blogger BarnGoddess said...

what a nasty beyotch to be beating her dog with a piece of wood! She needed it used her her, hateful woman.

At 3:28 PM, Blogger butterfly_chic26 said...

barngoddess - i threatened, believe me if she kept it up i would of used it on her!!! And happily went to jail for the very first time in my life....


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