Friday, May 19, 2006

Poor baby...


A baby bird was in my yard last night. Jade almost ate him, and the parents were swarming around my head, ready to dive bomb me. I ran upstairs got some plastic gloves (yes, I have a package of them, I won't clean without them, thank you very much) to help this poor defenseless being.

Well I shooed him over to a section of the yard, and thought he would be okay. That's when I took the picture. Took the Pups back inside and watched television. Went back outside around 8:30 or so to let the pups back out for the last nightly duties. And there he was sitting in the middle of the street, look around wondering "How the Hell did I get out here?" Surprisingly enough no one ran over him. I watched a truck drive over him (not killing him just you know driving over him), and he went nose first in the cement. I ran back up stairs to get some more gloves (you don't want your sent on them mama bird won't take care of them anymore, and I didn't want to get diseases!), and went into the middle of the street (reminding you my street is pretty busy), and tried to pick him up. He was a squarmy little dude, but eventually he let me get him, and I remembered how those Animal Shows handle wild birds, you are to put your thums on their wings so they don't flap and run away.

A woman in a truck stopped and watched me, and stated "I am such a sweet person." I smiled and stated "Well I couldn't let him get ran over." I carried him to the back of the yard far far away from the street, and went back inside. I looked out the window in my stair way to see what he was doing, he was hopping around and squaking. Everytime I put my fingers anywhere around his mouth he opened up like "Feed me, feed me" I would state "Sorry pal, I don't have any worms for you."

I don't know if fell out of the nest or if the mama bird pushed him out. Because he knew how to flap his wings, just didn't know how to take off. So more than likely the mama bird was try to teach him how to fly and pushed him out of the nest.

I don't think he's alive anymore, he was basically a sitting duck in a yard that is frequently used by cats. Poor thing, he never deserved to be eaten by a stinky cat. But I didn't know what else to do, I didn't want him to get ran over, but I couldn't take him inside he was a wild bird, and already knew who his mama was. IF he was a deserted tiny baby, I would of kept him inside and fed him warms and "pretend I was mama bird", then when he was ready to leave I would release him back into the "wild" (really not wild, lol just the um front yard). But he was pretty much grown. I always hear that when you raise a baby bird and release it, it comes back to visit you. I don't know about this, but wherever my little feathered friend is, I wish him the best of luck!

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At 10:37 AM, Blogger BarnGoddess said...

you ARE a sweetie! poor little birdie...maybe he got away and wasnt catchow for some sneaky feline.

My uncle J. had a crow he raised from a baby, it lived outside his house and sat on his shoulder and was kinda cool sometimes....birds creep me out tho

Maybe your little feathered friend will be back to visit, if not atleast you tried! more than some people ever do..

At 8:52 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

You are a darlin for helping that baby bird...You can *hope* that all is well and he just hopped away into safety...You're good with having gloves on about being ready to rescue!

As you know I am new to blogging and wanted to know how you got your list up of the other blogs you read.....Can ya help???

At 12:34 PM, Blogger butterfly_chic26 said...

barngoddess - yes at least I tried :D

Rebecca - okay yes i can help you, took me forever and a day to figure this out. I'll post it over one your blog on monday.

I have a computer now but it is slower than dirt! and i can't get things opened as I once could. But I'll post how to do it on your blog Monday sometime in the morning :D have a great day.


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