Sunday, June 04, 2006

Last day of vacation :(

Well today is sunday, and it is the last day of my vacation :( Sniff Sniff. I'm ready to go back to work though because I do get a bit stir crazy if I don't have a routine to follow.

Haven't done much at all this week, just took the time to sit back and relax, and visit with family. Today I've done nothing but lay on my air matress in the living room and watch the Womens College Softball World Series. Very, very good game going one right now between UCLA and Northwestern. They are in extra innings because of a tie, well now someone on Northwestern just hit a homer, lol. See interesting game. I don't really care who wins the simifinals, or the whole thing, I just like watching the game.

The reason I'm on the air matress is because I don't have a big enough couch to sprawl out and lay on, and I don't want to sit in my recliner. My lower back is out and my tooth is killing me, so when I had the rugrats over friday night to stay the night I just left the air matress up. It looks tacky, but o'well I'm the only one who sees it. Someone else has hit a homerun for Northwestern, I'm thinking that northwestern will advance to the finals, but they still have the bottom of this inning for UCLA to come back. Off subject I know, lol.

I'm in better spirits today then I was yesterday, which is good, like I said I yo yo back and forth all the time. The pups are driving me up the wall they are so playful today, they have jumped all over me while I have laying on the matress watching tv, I don't scold them because they can't go out and play, and they have to burn their energy some how. I wish I had a back yard for them to play in, but I don't. I think later in the evening I'll take them to my parents house and let them run free for a little while, this always tires the baby out, which is good :P

Well back to the game, since it has gotten so interesting since I've been in here posting. Thank you to all for your kind comments, you don't know how much it means to me to have my friends and "online" friends root for me :P

Check Ya Later - as said by Slater from Dazed and confused.

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At 9:22 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

Alabama was in the softball championships but we went out early. I forgot to watch it but ready about in today's paper.

At 9:32 PM, Blogger BarnGoddess said...

check ya later! omg, we say that all the time in my family. Dazed and Confused is one of our favorite movies!! Have a good monday tomorrow.

At 8:15 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

Hey..sounds like you are relaxing physically but rollercoasters in your mind are twirling. Take it step at a time. I agree with one of the other comments, that by asking these questions you are are in the right have feelings of curiosity and perhaps a certain justice you feel you are need of getting...Pray and take it day by day and try to realize each day as a gift and a chance to start our quest of fullfillment even if it's only mm's size of progress we feel we make each day.


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