Monday, June 26, 2006

Manic Monday....

Well not really, but I love the song either way. For about the past month now every morning when I get up to go brush my teeth, the thought of putting that toothbrush in my mouth makes me physically ill. It's not becuase I put the brush to far in my mouth either, this is even before the brush enters my mouth. LIke this morning before the brush hit my lips I had to turn around and throw up in the toilette. Why this is happening I have no freaking idea!!!

This weekend was pretty much uneventful for me. I cleaned the apartment on Saturday and did laundry, and somehow I pinched a nerve or something in my lower left side of my back, right around the kidney area. I was fine for almost the whole day with the pain, it was just a nagging pain, but it got worse as I was sitting at the laundry mat waiting on my almost 20.00 worth of laundry.

When I got home it took me like 2 minutes to get out of the car, I couldn't twist left or right, it hurt something aweful. Then I was putting the bed back together, and bent down to tuck the blanket and the sheets under the matress, this sent me straight to my knees in seering pain. It took all of my strenght just to scoot myself onto the bed, and I curled up in the fetal position and just cried it hurt so bad. Flash backs came to me from a couple of summers ago when the doctor thought that I was passing a kidney stone, but the only thing with this is it didn't hurt to go to the bathroom, it just hurt do move. The pups jumped on the bed, and licked the tears off my face. Jade she started pawing the top of my head,and I think she put her two front paws ontop of my head, not for sure, but I know she started howling as I started crying. About 2 minutes of that I was okay to get back up, still hurting but not as bad. I got the bed made and went in and drew a steamy hot bath and took some tylenol pm and that seemed to loosen stuff up. I'm okay now, still a little tender in that area, but nearly as bad as I was saturday.

Yesterday I went to my parents house to get the pups nails clipped, since I seemed to nothing but butcher the heck out of the Thursday when I tried to do it. They have so much fun out there. My mom's two weanies have this habbit of chacing the squirrel. Well Katie just looks at them like they are strange and does her own thing, and Jade was so cute, she had no idea what she was chasing after but she just ran with the other two!!!

Katie snapped at her first person yesterday. A stranger came up to pet her while we were outside, and when the lady bent down to pet Katie she snapped at her, this has never happened before. I apologized more then needed, the lady said that it was alright she'd snapp to if a stranger came up to pet her. I picked up Jade, and said "here you can pet the black one, she's not vicious". LOL. Jade just licked her to death. NOrmally this is what Katie does, but NOOOO, not that time....she must of been PMSing, lol.

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At 11:51 AM, Blogger BarnGoddess said...

ummmm...the only time I was nauseated while teeth brushing was when I was preggers........

It sounds like you strained your back. OUCHY, that hurts, Ive done that before and no fun it is. I hope it gets back 100% soon.

Your pups sound like FUN! a lot of weenies are snap happy. Ours is just plain mean, if he was a big dog I wouldnt have him around.

At 6:45 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

Been there done that with kidney stones. Hope yours is just muscular pain and goes away. I had 3 - I named them Mo, Larry and Curly. Mo has left us but Larry and Curly insist on being impacted:(

I got up to 240 pounds before I started wanting to lose weight. It's bad when I am watching a college football game and I weighed MORE than some of the players!!

Let's encourage each other to get our weight off - we can DOOOOO it! I love to eat. That's why I chose South Beach plus you can have 2-3 glasses of wine a day. 1 gives me a buzz so I thought "Hey - cool! I can drink AND lose weight!!"


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