Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Stupid Warning Labels

No explanation needed on the following except this: SOmeone had to do the following to even to have thought up SUCH IDIOTIC WARNINGS!!!

Microwave popcorn is packaged so that the directions cannot be read unless you open the plastic and unfold it. Direction #1 is Remove plastic

On a Band-Aid box: "For serious injuries, seek medical attention."

On a hose nozzle there was a warning that said: "Do not spray into electrical outlet."

White - Westinghouse 1600 Blow Dryer
Keep away from water

Unknown Batman Costume
Warning: Cape does not enable user to fly.

Little Ones Baby Lotion
Keep away from children

Demazin Infant Drops
This formula may cause drowsiness, if affected do not operate heavy machinery or drive a vehicle.

Phar - Mor Children's Aspirin Free Pain - Relief
In case of accidental overdose, please contact a physician.

Unknown Earplugs
These ear plugs are nontoxic, but may interfere with breathing if caught in windpipe

Unknown Mattress
Warning: Do not attempt to swallow

Unknown Wheelbarrow
Do not use when temperature exceeds 140 Farenheit.

2 of you stopped by and said:

At 8:52 AM, Blogger BarnGoddess said...

lol, ya have to wonder what some people are thinking!

At 6:53 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

Thanks for the kind words! I really liked this post and the Sick Sad World one. Cracked me up! Don't you wonder too about poodles that have those goofy hair balls on their tails?!


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