Tuesday, June 06, 2006


What an interesting title to a blog entry huh? Pfft...it's only because I couldn't think up of one, I'm not cleaver to actual write a subject that would describe YUP, lol.

The last couple of days at work has been hell. I don't know if it's because I was off for a week, or if it's just that time of the month for all of our customers, including the males.

Yesterday everyone in the office was in a terrible mood, not me, I was in a wonderful mood, thank you very much. But everyone else was a stinker. Then today it's not the girls in the office it's the customers. I had one guy call me a cock sucker, yeah I loved it, I just sat there really silent and listened to him say the shit he did, and then I said "You do realize I can hear everything you are saying, rihgt?" He replied "I really don't give a F*** what you hear". Alright then. ANd that is what I said, alright then. I got him to calm down 2 times, normally we don't have to stand for that more than 1 time, but I was trying to give the nice asshole the benefit of the doubt, well no, he was just that an asshole. He started in on me again, and I just stated "you can call back" and I hung up, lol. The back up supervisor got him next, but by this time I had already noted his account, and HEHEHE, I got a "talkin" too by the supervisor, not really, but you know, whatcha gonna do, I did everything that WAS in my power to do. Sent outside tech out and told him I can't control what they do from there.

Then I had this other customer tell me I was informing him of the wrong thing. I gave him "his current balance due" which is um...the only balance I see on my screen, I mean I'm a natural blonde, but come one I can READ a billing screen, especially when there is only ONE BALANCE DUE!!! Anyways he stated that I was informing him of the wrong thing, and then he said "So my current balance due is (insert amount here)", as he said this i laid my head on my desk and started wadding up a piece of paper, by this time I'm about to go threw the phone and shove the current balance due down his damn throat. I replied "Sir, that is correct, that is what I have told you 3 times already". I mean how can I be informing someone wrong if they repeat the EXACT thing I just said? I dunno, makes me wonder what kind of drugs these people are on, and why the hell they aren't sharing them with me?

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