Monday, July 31, 2006

I am gonna look like this again 1 day!

My goal is to look (or somewhat) like this again one day..

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What?!? No apology for the citizens????

KOAM CHannel 7 news out of Pittsburg Kansas


July 27, 2006

You might recall, 16 year old Kelsey Stelting reported in April that she had been kidnapped. That report prompted a community wide manhunt for Stelting and her abductor. The teenager later admitted she had made up the story. Now a written apology from Stelting has appeared in the Independence Daily Reporter. In a letter to the editor, Stelting thanks her supporters and says:

"I am sorry for the anguish and hurt I caused my entire extended family. I am sorry for the concern and worry I caused friends."

In the letter, Stelting also apologizes to the specific law enforcement agencies involved in the search.


Are that this girl half heartly apologized only because she was forced too. This is not a real apology. I've seen her out and about the city of Independence since the incodent (sp?) happened. She doesn't seem sorry in the least! This is one spoiled little brat. She is working at the City Pool this summer, they have yet set her trial date, if they EVEN do. I think they just stated that they will press charges, to get the citizens off their backs. She didn't apologize the the Citizens of Independence. She only apologized to those effected, that was very nice of her (that was sarcasim if anyone wanted to know).

I know if this was someone else's child that pulled this little "prank" they would be in Gerrod (sp?), Ks at boot camp right now. She having the family she has, and how her family has influenced the city of Independence, helped her in the case of being just slapped on the wrists and told "No, bad girl". This is the last time I post about this subject, as I'm sick and tired of hearing about it!

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Okay, this is just to strange not to share with everyone. At least 1 time a month or maybe 2 times a month I get these mysterious bruises under my left arm, only my left arm. Each time they appear they are exactly the same. I have taken pictures of it as best as i could, it's kinda hard taking a picture of your self with one hand, lol. The pictures do no justice to them, you can only see the bigger of about 10 bruises on my arm.

I wish i can figure out what is causing this bruising, and for them to be exactly the same each time is a little strange to me. They do not hurt, and they go away pretty quickly...Aliens?!?! Naaaa....I'm not that looney!!!!

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Sunday Nothings...

Well i still have yet accomplished going through the closet from hell, I really don't want to either, but I know I'm going to have to before the end of the week. Not only for the vacation pictures, but I'm having a yard sale on Saturday and 1/2 the crap in there will be in the sale...sigh....

Just got done watching what is going to be my new favorite movie, Polish Wedding. I have never seen it before, today was the first day. I've seen it around Blockbuster and Wal-Mart before but it was on LifeTime Movie Network today and i watched it. It was a really good movie, some parts hard to understand, but other than that I really really liked it :)

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Yesterday I was informed that my Nephew had his 2nd child (well he didn't his wife did). A little boy so for the 2nd time I'm a great aunt. Can you imagine i'm 26 years old and I'm a great aunt?!? LOL. Course he is one of the younger nephews I have, he'll be 24 in October, my oldest nephew, his cousin, is going to be 26 in September. He is 9 months younger than me, and almost to the day at that.

I mean my cousin who is 9 years older than me was not a great aunt until 2 1/2 years ago....:) I beat her on the age part, because my great neice was born 1 1/2 years ago :) I have not seen these children, my parents have, and they say they are adorable. My nephews wife is from Gautamala, and I hear she is very pretty. I should really make it a point and go see them. I just don't know where they live, I know they live in Joplin just not exactly where.

Today it's very hot outside...I'm glad that I have been inside all day long, with the furbabies. Katie got into trouble earlier she was shaking Jade like a rag doll. I know it was all in fun and games, but it really scared me, I thought she was going to kill her, but Jades tail was wagging the whole time. They play really rough sometimes, and it scares me. With them both being female I'm surprised that they really haven't had it out for dominant female posisition, but they haven't. I'm just waiting for the day that it does come. I'll have the broom and water bottle ready for it too.

Well nothing much more to post, really nothing exciting happening here in my neck of the woods. I have to go back to work tomorrow, YUCKIE. I'm gonna lay down on the air matress and what this Stockard Channing movie "unexpected family" that just came on the Lifetime Movie Network (which is a channel that is constantly on in my home) and relax. Relax from what I don't relax non the less :)

Have a nice Sunday and if it's hot where you are I hope you are staying as cool as possible!!!

Huh Oh....Ebay Police,....

Dear Susan,

The following listing:


has been removed from eBay for violating eBay policy. Since this listing was removed, you are not required to complete the transaction.

Well it looks like I won't be paying the sucker 21.00 bucks for the books.....ladeda....

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Laundry...Geese...and Pee'd on....

Well I have yet accomplished getting the vacation photos out of closet from hell. I don't even want to know how many spiders are lurking in there, yuckie!!

I went to do laundry this evening, i'm SOOOO tired of going to the laundry mat, it's not even funny. I usually go do some shopping while the clothes are washin` and then go to my parents house when the clothes are dryin`. But today I went to Sonic to get supper and then to my parents house, when I got back to the laundry mat to pick up the clothes, some person put my clothes in a basket and pushed them to the back of the laundry mat....HOW STINKIN` RUDE!!! And of course my underwear were right on top! Thanks alot rude a$$ people!!!

Here are some pictures:

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This is the alley that runs by ny apartment (why i took a picture, i dunno...)

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Here is the sky I took this afternoon, unfortunatly I couldn't get a picture without the wires in it. Oh btw when it's 100 degrees outside, do not walk on concrete with no shoes on!!! I burnt my little feetsies!!!

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I thought it would be nice to go to the duck pond and eat my dinner in the truck while watching the geese and ducks. It was an alright idea for about 2 minutes. This goose right here decided to take his daily agressions out on my truck. He waddled up to it as fast as he could and started pecking the bumper...I got the heck out of there. My poor little truck's feelings were hurt after that monster goose pecked at her!!!

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These geese didn't seem to care that their fellow goose friend was beating up a poor defensless truck!

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I'm not for sure but I think he was stalking a bug! GO KITTY GO!!!

The next 4 pictures are of my parents' screened in porch, one of these days I will have this luxury too!!!

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Then when I got back home to let the furbabies out, Jade decided she was going to pee on me...It went all down one was nice I'm tellin` ya...I did not capture a picture of this, thought I would spare you the grossness and me the humility....

I'm not right....

Okay short post but to me funny.

I was making cream of chicken soup (my favorite) because that is the only food i have left in this stinking apartment (need to go to the store REALLY BAD). Like always I go in and start stirring it, and for about 15 minutes I couldn't figure for the life of me why the soup was not warming up. Then the little light bulb above my head turned on and it said this "Um smart need to turn the burner on dipshit" and i was like "Oh yeah, um I forgot." the light bulb then said "Whatever, you're still a dipshit." I broke the bulb because it was not very nice to me!

Friday, July 28, 2006

I look like WHO!!!???

I was over at down & out in arkansas' blog just searching through looking at pictures and stuff (when I find a blog I like I like to read ALL of it so I know what the heck is going on, i'm not a stalker I swear!). And found where you can up load a picture of yourself and see what celeberity you look like...

Well the first picture I chose um...they couldn't find a match...i was getting I decided on a different more current picture....this is the first picture I uploaded....

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The next picture produced some canidates....except there is only one that I think i remotely resemble, and she is not even the TOP pick the site gave me LOL

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here is what the page gave me

59% Selma Blair (I FREAKING WISH!!!)

58% Bipasha Basu (AHEM WTF IS THIS?!?!)

56% Jamie Lynn Spears (This is the one I THINK I look most like...and frankly that's really sad...)

56% Terri Hatcher (AHEM OKAY)

55% Pricilla Presley (HMMM)

55% Romy Schneider (AGAIN WHO IN THE HELL IS THIS?)

54% Jodi Foster (no comment)

52% Jennifer Lopez (the only I have that she has is her ass, but A LOT BIGGER)

51% Betty Davis (the picture they showed of her was SCARY!!!)

then I tried my 2 cousins C and K, won't post their pictures as I have no permission to do so, although they have posted their own pictures on the net before...but that's thier doing not mine, lol....unless i have persmission to post someones pictures on my blog...i don't do it...

C's celebrity matches were.....(and I must say the biotch came out better than I did!)

71% Reese Witherspoon
70% Carrie Underwood
70% Julia Louis-Dreyfus
66% Jessica Alba
66% Florence Griffith Joyner (the runner)

this next one cracked my a$$ up!!!
63% Monica Lowensky (HAHAHAHAHA...she was like 11 years old when this happened LOL)
62% Janet Leigh
60% Brittany Murphy

K's matches were.....(she had 2 male ones, but somehow both my cousins had a famous black celeberity in their matches, must be the cherokee indian in them?!?!)

72% Sophie Marceau
67% Gabriela Sabatini
66% Rachel McAdams
63% Ricki Lake
62% Francoise Hardy
61% Aaliyah ( i miss her :o( (
61% Barack Obama (male)
60% Tata Young
60% Owen Wilson
59% Candace Bergen

and finally I did my neices pic, J, because she is one beautiful 18 year old...and her matches were....

74% Charlotte Church ( i love her voice)
68% Kelly Clarkson
66% Jessica Alba
63% Mariah Carey (i don't see it)
62% Britney Spears (well since I'm Jamie Lynn, at least we are keeping in the family?!?!)
61% Lindsay Lohan
60% Carrie Underwood (I would say that Charlotte Church and Carrie Underwood are the ones that come close to looking like my J).

if you want to do the same thing go to you'll have to register to see your results it's free :) I'm bloggin happy tonight aren't i? Well right now i'm running on some high dosage of pain killers, and about to hit the hay, so nightey night and don't let the bed bugs bite (literally!!!).

Okay I could not resist the urge to do my father's. I took a picture of him from the 60's and here are his matches, and frankly I'm a little jealous of the results!!!

73% Grace Kelly
71% Denice Richards
67% Marlene Dietrich
66% Joe Montana
63% Hugh Grant
62% Neve Campbell
61% Robert Palmer


This and that...nothing much

Okay cool beans, FINALLY the pain jackhammer on my tooth has some what went away. But there's still like a little throb going on in there.

Nothing really to post, except I'm not deleted from myspace anymore :) Which makes me happy, I really don't blog much on that i do more of the bulletins. But its a place where i can keep track of very old friends from both highschools I went to, which is cool.

This weekend I'm dragging out the vacation pictures from 2001 (when I was at my heaviest in weight) and posting them on here, and each picture has a story so it will be FUN FUN FUN!!! LOL.

Rihgt now i'm leaving with a couple pictures of me, my first day of Kindergarten, I cut my brothers out of the picture so he would scream at me for posting it on the net, lol. I LOVE YA BUBBY!!!! (i think he and his wife reads this blog but you know I'm not for sure!). Also one that was taken at an amusement park in kansas city called Worlds of Fun....I'm so serious in this one! lol

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Notice the hairdo? I look like a character out of the movie "Children of the Damned" and not to mention looks like a bowl was put ontop of my head to do the hair cut! Yeah, well i got gum in my hair about 3 days before school started and my mom had no choice but to cut my hair, that was down to my waist, that short. GO ME!!!!

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Somehow, my myspace was deleted?!?! I'm not the only one 3 other people I know have had their myspace miracously (sp?) be deleted also!!! Even Tom's (the creators) space has been deleted. I hope that they have back ups on everything, because I really don't want to redo my myspace, and reinvite all my 32 friends back to my myspace. I know that the west coast is having a lot of issues right now, power failurs, black outs, heat waves, I'm just hopeing that this maybe what is going on! It sucks to be deleted!!!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

2nd Video

NOTE: I'm an OOBBERR GOOBBER!! I really need to get a REAL life!!!!

Seeing that the first video worked (YAY!!!!!!) I will post the 2nd video, this just proves to everyone that my dogs REALLY REALLY HATE THE COMPUTER. They always find something to destroy while I'm on the computer reading my email, playing a game or reading other's blogs.....I'm just lucky that this pen did not leak all over my expensive white carpet!!!!

NOTE #2: For this 2 minute video (of nothing but my annoying voice) it took 1 1/2 hrs to uploud!!!!

1st video

The picture below is to let you all now just how spoiled my dogs are, and how sick I am!

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Okay here is a video of Jade dancin` , jade being told no (that's a constant in my house), and Katie talking`. (I hope it works!!!).

Waiting....and Waiting...

Okay I know that um,....uploading a video from a digital camera takes a while, but um I'm going to turn 50 by the time this Sh*t gets done!!!! GAWD!!!! Okay well I'll post my videos (sorry they aren't dirty ones), when CABLE internet decides it's not DIAL UP and gets with the picture, DAMN!

I'm glad i'm not famous...

I would no way want to be Brad Pitts or Angelina Jolie's child, or any famous persons child. There would be no privacy, and for the celeberties to sell their childs photo to a magazine is just ICKY in my book!!! Here are some pictures of the Pitt-Jolie family (brad, jolie, and shilo) as wax figurines!!!

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Kinda eerie if you ask me.....

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jade as a baby

I forgot to post a picture of when Jay Jay was a baby too...I felt bas leaving her out of the "adorable" pictures :)

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she was barely 6 weeks old in this picture, so darn stinkin` cute!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pictures...and More pictures...of Dogs!

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My wierd dog Jade watching the water drain out of the tub after my bath.

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The "look" done very well by Katie. She is sitting on my toilet her favorite spot when i'm on the computer or in the tub. Jade has yet to accomplish this look.

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I call her my "Fat Toad"

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This is what I would like to call "Vampire Dogs"

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Katie going "Whatcha Doin`?"

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Again on her "Thrown". And yes that is rust in my tub, no matter how often i clean it just reappears, with the help of the rust fairies. Damn them!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jade trying to attack the camera, she reall does not like her pictures to be taken :(

Yes I know I went photo crazy!

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She insisted I take a picture of best side....what a snob!!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is little baby Katie, she WASSS SO FREAKING CUTE!!! She has always been Miss Big Stuff!

Making a decision...

Okay so this morning I got up, weighed myself, and totall freaked the hell out. I have made a decision that I'm going to get back to being serious about loosing this weight and getting back down to where I was 2 years ago, before I went off to college. I need all the motivation I can get, I'm doing this on my own, taking Rachel's lead, and going with the South Beach Diet. I'm no longer going to be going to the weight doctor, it's just not working anymore for me. I'm like immuined to it or something.....

So starting this afternoon I'm on my way to a better and fit ME. I need volunteers to email me on Tuesday mornings (from now on) and ask me what i've lost, this way it motivates me to actually keep myself on this diet plan until i loose the goal of 60 pounds which i would be back to where I was my Junior year in high school WOOHOO. I can do this, I know I can I just need to keep an open mind, and have self dedication!

Wish me LUCK!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006


Okay the sunburn is A LOT better today then yesterday or saturday night, but this picture I took saturday night when i got home, I know you all are so excited to see my fat leg!!! But i just wanted to share the pain with everyone!!!! Yesterday I could lay my hand down and feel the heat coming off my leg through my jeans, it was nice!! Yeah right!!! LOL.

Is it me or is blogger having some major terrets syndrome going on today? I have seem to lost several postings i have done today?!?!

Feline felon suspected in glove thefts (a real catburglar!)

by: Jim Fitzgerald: Associated Press Writer

PELHAM, N.Y. - A pink-and-white gardening glove was missing Thursday morning from Jeannine Goche's front porch. But there was absolutely no mystery about who had taken it. Willy, the cat who loves gloves, had struck again.

"It has to be him," said Goche, an attorney. "I've heard about him."

As if the gardeners of Pelham don't have enough to worry about, with the rocky soil and the slugs and the big trees casting too much shade, a feline felon has been sneaking into their back yards and carrying off gardening gloves.

Goche's flower-patterned number may soon take its place on the clothesline that's strung across the front fence at Willy's home, which he shares with Jennifer and Dan Pifer, their 19-month-old son Hudson and a mutt named Peanut Chew.

Above the line is a sign that says, in words and pictures, "Our cat is a glove snatcher. Please take these if yours."

On Thursday morning, nine pairs of gardening gloves and five singles were strung up, nicely framed by the Pifers' flourishing tomato and basil plants. Willy, looking innocent, was playing with a beetle under the Subaru in the driveway and occasionally dashing after Hudson.

"This all started about the time people began working in their gardens, I guess March or April," Jennifer Pifer said. "Willy would just show up with a glove, or we'd see them on the front steps. I guess it's better than if he was bringing home dead birds."

A friend, Claudia Bonci, said she was in the Pifers' kitchen recently and had noticed a single gardening glove on the sidewalk.

"Jennifer was telling me all about how Willy was bringing home all these gloves, and there was a small pile of them outside the door, and then here comes the cat with a glove in its mouth, proud as could be, like he was giving me a gift."

Some of the gloves really are gift-worthy.

"A lot of these looked brand new," said Pifer. "Some of them are really nice."

She doesn't know how far afield Willy goes to find a glove, but she has learned it takes him two trips to bring home a matched pair.

Willy, born to a stray last spring and taken in by the Pifers as a newborn, stays out some nights but seems to assemble his collection in daytime raids.

"Mostly it happens on weekends, I guess when people are out gardening," Pifer said. "Can't you just imagine people saying, `The gloves were right here, where'd they go?'"

John Cassone, who lives and gardens across the street, said he isn't missing any gloves. He uses "the big, heavy leather kind" and figures Willy, a wiry type, isn't strong enough to drag them away.

Guess again: There's a pair of the big, heavy leather kind among Willy's trophies.

Willy couldn't care less about the gloves after they're captured. On Thursday he could not be enticed into a grab-the-glove game.

In winter, when gardening gloves are hard to find, Willy switches to his offseason prey, dirty socks, which he brings from the laundry room.

"We find them in the hallway, on the stairs," she said. "I used to think, `Oh, I must have dropped it on the way down.' But now I know better."

Despite his criminal nature, neighbors get a kick out of Willy. Cassone said the cat likes to accompany the mailman up and down the block, all the way to each front door. Willy also likes to climb trees and bat at the heads of people below.

Since Pifer grows flowers and vegetables and herbs herself, isn't she tempted to make use of the endless supply of garden gloves that arrive at her doorstep free, shipping included?

"No," she said, a bit sadly. "I do a lot of gardening but I don't use gloves."

NOTE: I do not like cat for the most part, but HEEEE ISSS SOOOO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Just another Sunday...

Well today was in the most part a good day. I went to Bartlesville and hung out with my girl Laura, I miss hanging out with her. We ate at this good Mexican place, and I'm still full, then we went to the goodwill, were I bought a dress. Something that I never imagined I would ever buy with my own money. This will be the first dress I have boughted and owned for about 3 years. I just don't do dress, but lately for some odd reason I've started turning into a girly girl, lol. Then we went to Hastings where I bought a used copy of my favorite TV show of all timed, Charmed Season 5. I'm gonna miss Sunday evenings this fall when it doesn't come on anymore, sniffle. THen we said our goodbyes and I came home to an empty house, except of course the dogs, then realized that this is my life.

I talked to my mom tonight, she said that I should really keep my eyes opened on James. See, James and I are an iffy issue at this moment. I know that there is a reason why I called the wedding off, but there's something there in the back of my head that will just not let him go. I know i'm being used at this moment, and I know that thier is only one reason why he does contact me, and I fall for it everytime. I don't know why this is, I really never have had this type of emotion before towards a man, not even the man I dated for almost 5 years, and I loved him also, but I knew when it was over, it was over. This issue with James is harder to realize then the last. I think it is that I truly deeply do love this man, and I think that is the reason its so hard to let go. I know that there will be nothing I can do to make him change, because you can't change a person, only the person can do that.

I'm beginning to think that as people and our lives, is nothing but one big never ending Soap Drama. If you think about it, we could all easily fit into the scheme of All My Children, or The Young and the Restless. It's really wierd in a way.

I feel like I'm walking around in this imaginary show with invisible camera crew that is taping the everyday saga of my life. Some days are really good days, other days I just want to dig a hole and pull the dirt ontop of me. It's wierd in a way.

It has however given me the strenght to write my story, the one that I have struggled with for more then 6 years to finish. I have come a long way on it. I never believed for a moment that authors use thier everyday lives as a tool for thier creations, until now. Whenever I feel like there is no hope in the world of Love, I go to my story, where there is hope for the girl to get the man of her dreams. I'm pretty proud of that accomplishment. There is nothing more in then world I want than one time in my life, to have something that I have written published. This has been my dream since I was a little girl. I even wrote in my writing book from the third grade that I was going to become and "athor", that is how i spelt it, lol, and the back up plan to that was being a mom.

I think that if i use everything I have got in me that this will be a dream that could possibly come true. I have had people at work read what I have so far, and they ask me each and everyday, if I have more of the story for them. Each and everyday I have to tell them, unfortuniatly not much right now. But I know one day the book will come to a close, and it will be done.

Just don't know when the book of my ACTUAL life will come to a close, but I know there is a light, and that someday I will be the girl who is marrying that man of her dreams.

I seem to write something all gooey and depressing on sundays, to which I don't understand. I don't know if it's because maybe on Sunday's I have a lot of time on my hands just to sit around and think about life, and the world. I have a lot of emition on the weekends, which is wierd to me. But I think I will start listening to my girl Laura, and my mom about this James thing. Maybe it's not the best thing in the world to keep putting myself in the same situation, knowing that it will not lead to anything other than hurt, for the both of us. My mom thinks that James is a nice guy, but she keeps reminding me of the days that I came over with nothing but tears in my eyes, not knowing what to do. She said "You can do whatever it is that you want, I won't be mad either way, I just want you to be happy, and honey you weren't happy, and you are still not happy, and that to me is a sign that is not good. It hurts me to know that you are not happy. That is something I want more than anything in the world for you, happiness." I told her "I know you do mom, and I do too, I just don't know how to get there." We told each other we loved each other and hung up. I love my mom, we may have not gotten along while i was growing up, but she is one of my best friends now, and I cherish that.

NE WHOO, i best be taking a shower, and watch a couple of shows of Friends, so I can laugh. Then hit the sack, because sadly I have to work tomorrow :( boohoo.

OOOHHHH...I was going to type this at the beginning and I got side tracked, lol. I have never woken up from a dream crying before, but this morning it happened. I cried over a dog dying in my dream.....and I was really CRYING. It's wierd I can't cry in normal everyday life, but in my dreams I sob like a baby, lol. I'm one strange cookie!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Put a fork in me....i'm done.....

Well it's 11:48 pm and I just got back from Tahlequah, Oklahoma. I had a blast, we didn't get to do the whole 12 miles, because, took us 7 1/2 hrs just to do 6, that's sad, ehehehehe.

I have learned that from now on I WILL NOT drink Captain Morgans and Smirnoff back to back, on a raft, in the water, on a river, in the heat of the day. EHEHEEH. I got um....dare I say little, drunk. So much that I past out on the side of the raft, my friends state that I was past out for at least 2 hours, and I did not move from the posistion that I past out in, and well now I'm paying for it. Yup, you guessed it I'm red. My arms and and face aren't bad, i had a swim suit on but I don't wear those out in public so I had shorts and a tank top on, and my right leg from where the shorts stopped down the first part of my calf is um...a lobster?!?!

They say that I had one leg up and one bad i didn't have both I'm gonna look pretty stupid with this screwed up tan that I'm gonna end up having. They couldn't believe i was out that long, they hit some rough patches in the river and all of them had to get out (2 rafts tied together) and push, and there I was like a beached whale laying on the side of the raft, probably snoring my ass off, lol. When I finally came too, I had the WORST headache ever in my life, and I still hear my friends mom "SHE LIVES!!!" I went "OOOHHHH MY HEAD" lol.

I was cracking their butts off, see here in my part of the woods if you have to pee, you get out of your raft and into the river (b/c um....there is no where else to go) and pee in the river, yeah, i know it sound disgusting, and well um it is, but everyone does it, and when you get out of the raft around people you don't know, they always say "She's peeing!" it's embarrasing but when you gotta go you gotta go. Well I got out to go, and I couldn't get back in, I tried to get back in, but my words were exactly this "I'm drunk, I can't, help!" They all started laughing! My friend C, was pointing at a tree that was in our path, and instead of saying "Tree, Tree, Tree." She said "Food Food Food!!!" I busted up laughing at that one. So every tree I saw i would say "Hey C, look FOOD!" It's funny because my friend C weighs no more than a bag of flour, and that's soaking wet, and for her to call something FOOD just struck me as funny, course that could of been the Captain talkin`.

Well I'm off to take a hot bath, and get to bed, I had to drive 2 1/2 hours home with capris on, that REALLY HURT THE TENDER LEG!!!!

Nighty Night!!!!!

Friday, July 21, 2006


This is why you do not sit at your computer all night long, and ingore a weanie dog! You've been warned!!!

This is what i walked I turned around to find!

This Would be Jade pretending she isn't anywhere near the toilet paper. Can you hear her saying "You don't see me, You don't see me."

"Huh?!? What do you mean toilet paper? I don't see any toilet paper!" PHOOEY PHOOEY (that would would be the sound you make when you spit something out of your mouth)

This is the LOOK that all weanie dogs are famous for that "What the hell did I do?" Look.

And this is what I collected, YES, that Is a brand new roll of toilet paper, that has been shredded by my dogs, they opened up the toilet paper package, and took it amongst themselves to have some shredding fun. WHAT A FREAKING MESS, and this all happened at 11:00 pm, and I'm tired, and don't want to clean up TP!!!!

Psssttt......Hey You!!!

Okay so I have another blog, but don't you worry your pretty little heads, I am in no way leaving this one, I just want to blow of some steam and I'm to afraid to post the stuff I want to blog about here on this one as this one everyone reads, So if you are interested in having the address, just email me (you can click email under my profile page) or somehow leave me a message to contact you in secret with my secret address for my blog. :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

When Booty Calls Make You Blue...

I read this in Cosmo today, and it reminded me of the posting I posted earlier in the week. If you wish to read it, then you can turn to page 128 in this months (August) issue of Cosmo.

When Booty Calls Make You Blue : Sometimes sex with no strings is definitely sweet...but it also has the potential to backfire. Being clued in helps you avoid the fall out.

BY: Molly Triffin

An additional source of angst is your rep. "Women are caught between a rock and a hard place," says Norval Glenn, PhD, professor of sociology at the University of Texas in Austin. "There's a desire to be modern and open, but our society still sometimes looks down on females who are sexually liberal."

There are guy friends, boyfriends, and then the men who fall somewhere in the middle. Booty calls, sex buddies, friends with benefits -- whatever you call 'em, women hook up with these guys regularly or semiregulary solely to get it on. No dinner, no clothes.

There are like 3 dangers I guess, the first one is Posthookup Regret, 2. You start to like him, and 3. It gets in the way of a real relationship.

Boy nice to know this now, lol.

Also I read this:

Cheat Week for Women?
Why you may be more likely to stray on certain days.

If you occasionally find yourself compelied to flirt with someone besides your boyfriend, you might be able to chalk it up to female biology. A 2006 study published in the journal Hormones and Behavior found that when the women participants were ovulating, they were much more likely to ogle and act coy with a man they viewd as more attractive then their current male partner.

One reason why you may feel like fooling around on the side at this time of the month: It's during the several days when you're most likely to get pregnant, and as a female, your brain is hardwired to make sure you conceive with the healthiest (read; best looking) male specimen you can find, study researches theorize.
BY: Esther Crain (Man, I would hate to have that name!)

So basically we are just ANIMALS at that time of the month, LOL. I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR! LOL. Brings the song by the Bloodhound Gang to mind "Bad Touch" which here are the lyrics to it, that each woman should sing to themselves that THAT special time of the month: (WARNING LYRICS MY BE OFFENSIVE TO THOSE WHO DO NOT LIKE TO TALK OR THINK ABOUT SEX)

Ha-Ha! Well now, we call this the act of mating
But there are several other very important differences
Between human beings and animals that you should know about

I'd appreciate your input

Sweat baby sweat baby sex is a Texas drought
Me and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about
So put your hands down my pants and I'll bet you'll feel nuts
Yes I'm Siskel, yes I'm Ebert and you're getting two thumbs up
You've had enough of two-hand touch you want it rough you're out of bounds
I want you smothered want you covered like my Waffle House hashbrowns
Come quicker than FedEx never reach an apex like Coca-Cola stock you are inclined
To make me rise an hour early just like Daylight Savings Time

Do it now
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Do it again now
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Gettin' horny now

Love the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket
Like the lost catacombs of Egypt only God knows where we stuck it
Hieroglyphics? Let me be Pacific I wanna be down in your South Seas
But I got this notion that the motion of your ocean means "Small Craft Advisory"
So if I capsize on your thighs high tide, be five you sunk my battleship
Please turn me on I'm Mister Coffee with an automatic drip
So show me yours I'll show you mine "Tool Time" you'll Lovett just like Lyle
And then we'll do it doggy style so we can both watch "X-Files"

Do it now
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Do it again now
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Gettin' horny now

You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Do it again now
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Do it now
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Do it again now
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Gettin' horny now

With that I guess i'll go clock in from my lunch and get back to work.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another Spider Bite?!?!?!

Okay I don't know if that is what this is or not. But i notices a red welt on my leg while in the tub, and in the middle of the weld is a punture hole, just like it was on my nose. I doesn't hurt, but then again neither did my nose until about 2 days later, I'll keep an eye on this and see what it does in the next couple of days. Why is it when I'm about to go on a float trip something bites me?!?!?! SPIDERS ARE THE ARCH ENEMY!!! KILL THEM ALLL!!!!!!

Um have I mentioned that I absolutely hate spiders? Well if i didn't then I'll say it again, I absolutely hate spiders!!!

My answer to yesterday's post....

The son of a Grammy award-winning father, Austin grew up mesmerized by Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli and countless other American greats. It is through these tested live stage performers that he draws his inspiration today. Fusing Retro Soul and Rock-n-Roll, this 23-year-old Tennessee resident lives for the stage, drawing his audience in with passion, power and an occasional turn at the piano -- a talent he displays every Sunday at Church where he performs to a congregation of 8,000 - 10,000 people.

Yeah, I know he's not what other girls call attractive, but, to me he is. I liked his performance the best out of everyones. I'm not "all that into music" but the type of music he likes I like, I'm wierd, and I think I have done more than my share of sharing my wierdness with all my wonderful readers, that's why u like me right?!? LOL. Laura likes me because I can make her laugh, and I can impersonate Michael Jackson (REMEMBER THAT LAURA?). LOL

Well I'm off to take a bath and to bed I go I have been home for a total of 1 hr so far, and it's 10:25 now, boy i'm beat!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

my tattoo

not that it's new or anything, and not like this is a really GREAT picture and all...but I don't really have anything to post

Other than I just found my new favorite show....The One : Making a Music Star....on, yeah I'm already digging one guy...and NO he's not the one most girls are diggin right now...he's the diamond in the rough, the guy who would not get noticed or even a second glance if he were in a normal crowd of people. Why don't you go to the ABC website and click on The One and tell me who I'm talking about, (EHEHEHE A little test if you will)........

Well with that said You all have a nice scortching tuesday evening, hope all ofyou are staying as cool as possible!!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006


I always seem to set myself up for hurt, and know i am before i do it. How sick is that?

I knew before a certain person and I got together a couple of times in the past month that it didn't mean much more than, gettin together, but when I came straight out and asked him, he confirmed this piece of information to me. GASP! Yeah, that was my reaction too....o live and you learn, and sometimes you just don't learn from your previous mistakes then later on you do it again, and still don't learn, one of these days you will learn not to make those mistakes.

Being used is not what I call my cup of tea. I guess I was foolish to think that the love i have for him just wasn't ENOUGH to do anything, he hurt me again. And you know what I probably will let him hurt me a couple more times before I realize what the hell I'm doing. I don't know i've never been good with this whole boy/girl thing. I understand dogs better than I do men, and dogs don't talk, OH WAIT NEITHER DO MEN!!!! Pfftt...go figure.

As i sit here tears rolling down my cheaks for something I knew was going to happen, I don't know. I wish life was so not complicated. I want what my best friend Laura has so much I can tast it. She and her husband are the best couple, they are not only husband and wife, but they are best friends, they get each other, I want that. I don't see it in my grasp for a very long time.

I guess this whole past month i was in la la land, i knew what it was when it started it was just two people getting together to get together (i hope you all know what i mean), but what hurts i guess is that HE knew what I wanted before the first time, and now amonth later "i don't know what i want". I 've heard that so many freaking times in my life from men. Do i have this sign on my head that says "Use Me?" I don't pick anyone to do this stuff with either, i pick them out very carefully, and I don't open my hear to just anyone (except people i do not know over the interenet, weird huh, well that's me ms. wierdo!) i don't just do it to do it, there's got be something there for me to do it, if there is not then there (EEEEKKKKK SPIDER ON MY SCREEEN SPIDER ON MY SCREEN..............ok it's dead, I will continue, oh how lucky you are) will be anything coming from me. That make sense?

He knows this, and still did what he did without 2nd thought, I think that is what UPSETS me the most, but as I stated I knew it all along, I just hoped it wouldn't be that and i was totally absolutely wrong. Nope, unfortunialty this time it doesn't pay to be right, damnit! Why is that this day in age it's so hard to find Mr. Right? I mean it was so easy when we were younger wasn't it? Or is it because when we were younger we didnt have "certain" standards to go by, yeah, that's probably it. We didn't care who we dated just so we were and we could someone our "boyfriend". I'm going to go with my first initial thought before i started typing this last part of this paragraph and it's this, "all the GOOOD men out there are taken by women who do not deserve them, or they are gay....damn gay men have it all!!! PFFFTTTTT"

*disclaimer* i in no way have anything against the gays and lesbians, i have several friends who are, i just wish that one time one gay guy would be like, hey i'm not gay, i like girls!!!! That would be nice, lol!!!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006


well today was a very uneventful day..(is that a word?). I should of cleaned today, but I didn't. All I did was lay around on my fat butt and do absolutely nothing but eat and sleep, I'm so lazy!

I watched the 4th game of the World Cup of Softball today USA is 4-0. In three games they shut out the other teams and the game was over in 5 innings due to a 7 point lead. I miss softball!

I fell asleep on the floor last night in the living room, and didn't wake up until 9 this morning. I don't like the floor, granted I have an air mattress, but that thing is only comfortable to lounge around on, but most of been comfortable last night as I crashed on it.

It's so FREAKIN' HOT HERE!!! I have all window units (only have 2) on high and cold air, but it's still just so sticky. I'm by no means smothering to death, and I do feel absolutely sorry for those who do no have any type of airconditioning in this damn heat and humidity!!!! I have only had to live in one place that didn't have air conditioning, and that was the dorm back in Tahlequah. We had what you called an airconditionar, well what WANTED TO BE CALLED AN AIR CONDITIONAR!!! Laura and I had that thing and I believe a total of 3 fans going at all times, but that only had to last a month. I had my little desk fan on all the time, because I like to sleep with air on my face. I think i froze Laura out when the winter set in, HEHEHEHEH. SORRY LAURA!!!

But it's just absolutely miserable outside!!!

Well this is and absolutely boring post, so with that I'm going to go sit my fat butt infront of the tv for awhile and then go to my regular bed and go to sleep. You all have a nice sunday and I hope to be more productive tomorrow!!!


Friday, July 14, 2006


Any body who knows me well knows that I'm a dolphin freak, and love anything and everything about dolphins.......on this note I'm going home and going to I feel like poopie.....(i even have a dolphin tattoo(sp?).....

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - A group of bottlenose dolphins left the open sea and swam up a New Zealand river, apparently to escape killer whales, a conservation official said Friday.

One of the dolphins got stranded and died on Thursday, so conservation staff are monitoring the remaining dolphins to ensure no more become trapped, said Department of Conservation spokeswoman Carolyn Smith.

"We're ... keeping an eye on them," Smith said. "The tide is high, so hopefully they will make their own way back out to sea."

The dolphins swam up the Oruaiti River from Mangonui Harbor on the east coast of North Island on Wednesday, she said.

Killer whales have been spotted recently in Mangonui Harbor and conservation department staff suspect the dolphins headed up river for safety, Smith said. Killer whales, also known as orca, hunt and eat dolphins.

The dolphins were "swimming around and they seem to be OK," she said.

Conservation staff unsuccessfully attempted Thursday to herd the dolphins out of Oruaiti River and into Mangonui Harbor, she said.

A careful count of dorsal fins by conservation staff Friday revealed there were five still surviving in the river.

New Zealand dolphin researcher Kristy Russell has advised conservation staff the dolphins are not in immediate danger of stranding and that a "wait and see" approach is best.

"Too much interference could put them under stress, which could then put them at risk of stranding," Russell said


I'm here at work with a fever and a verge of what is going to be a migraine i do believe!!! IT SUCKS BIG BOOTY TOO!!! I don't get migraines very often, I get very bad pounding headaches all the freaking time, but not migraines.

As for the "OTHER NEWS" well it's not NEWS WORTHY anymore :( This in a way makes me sad, but in a way it makes life easier knowing that it's not NEWS WORTHY.

But in other news, I am no officiail a truck driving gal. Well a Ford Ranger Truck Driving gal! I can't and will not ever drive a big rig, will ride in one, but will not drive on, lol.

I have a rant from earlier this week and so I figure I better go on ahead and rant about it now.

Wednesday Morning about 7:20 am, Location, HWY 166 going North, Cville, Kansas:

(heheh like it's all xfiles and shit, i'm a dork, no need to point out the obvious).

I was chilling driving the car towards out of town on my way to work. When This freaking RED/MAROON P.O.S pulled out in front of me, which is not good because I was going 65 MPH, so I hunk my horn and pass the stupid ass. And As I pass HER (how do I know it was a her well read on and find out), SHE IS APPLYING HER MAKEUP, WTF?!?!

I was so PISSED OFF that this stupid lady put my life in danger for some danm Mascara!!! What the freaking Hell? I honked my horn as i Passed her and well she got the little birdie too. I have very bad road rage as it is, and this just tipped the scale for me. The bad part of it was, this woman could wear all the makeup in the world, and it would not help any of the universe out at all. She looked like a guy trying to be a girl, well in this day and age you never are toooooooo suuuurrrreeee about this!!!!

Then later that night (and this happens way to often for me and it's beginning to become scary) i was at the gas station buying gas and cigs, and this cracked out black man on a bicycle ( i don't know if he was airing up his tire or tryng to put gas in the bike, pfftt...never know)whistled at me and made cat calls. I didn't pay him any attention, just went on my way to pay for my items but then when I came back out all the way to the car was cat call after cat call, i ran to the car practically!!! It was so embarrasing. I have what you would call a Ghetto Booty, and ever since high school ( which i was 95 pounds lighter then) I would get cat calls from black guys all the time, I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THEM WHATSOEVER SO DON'T BE GETTING ANY IDEAS, I have even dated a black boy before, BUT THESE MEN WERE ALWAYS CRACKED OUT, AND WHETHER YOU ARE BLUE PUPRLE BROWN< BLACK ALIEN GREEN, YOU WILL NOT BE RECEIVING MY ATTENTION ON THE MATTER!!!!!! NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY!!!!

SO yeah, road rage and crack heads, they always make for a good stories!!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


This is the northside of my garagae apartment. The door you see is not the door into the apartment that is to the garage itself. Why I took a picture is beyond me, i just wanted to use my camera, i guess.

Now I'm going to leave you with a poem my father wrote for me when I was little. I have it framed and it hangs on my wall. I have typed it just as he wrote it, I read this and it pulls on the strings of my heart, I love my father SO SO SO MUCH.


I will always remember,
that day in December.
The Lord gave you to us
on the wings of a dove.
Your little round face,
so full of grace.
What a warm spot,
you've made in my heart.
As you grow up,
you blossom each day -
Like a new spring flower,
that blooms in May.
As you grow up,
as you would say -
May you always be happy,
the Lord I pray.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I tagged myself because I saw this cool idea on Barngoddess blog...she's so awemsome.

I took pictures, and now I have to tell you 5 things that are in those specific place.

The Purse:

1. Marlboro Lights (yes i know...)
2. 3 lighters (I always think I lost them)
3. 3 types of lipsticks I do not wear
4. 5 differen't cards (while doing this i've discovered my CC is not in my purse NOT GOOD!!!!)
5. 143 pennies.....a penny saved is a penny earned.....

The Fridge:

1. Chocolate Milk
2. Milk
3. Drinking Water (my tape water is slimy to drink YUCK )
4. Pickles (which i hate, why i have them I do not know)
5. COOKIES!!!!!!

The Closet (I have 4 closets in my small ass apartment...1 in the living room 1 in the spare bedroom, a small one in the bathroom, and one in my bedroom, i'm only showing the one in the living room)

1. Christmas Reaf (SP?)
2. Totes (i'm tote happy)
3. A dead laptop
4. Pictionary
5. Christmas Bear

My Car (the trunk of the car, the inside of the car is clean with nothing in it)

1. A box full for CRAP
2. Cooler
3. Intertube that is deflated
4. Dogs Travel kennel
5. a can of something.....

Now I am tagging 5 people, you do not have to post pictures and be a nerd like me, just list what you have in your Purse, Fridge, Closet, Car...


1993 Ford Ranger XLT....WOOT!!!!

Barngoddess, I will be posting my TAG tonight PROMISE!!! (that's if the scheduled outage at 4pm is up by 6pm....hrmph!!!)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Is it hot or is it just me?

So on my lunch hour I was just walking (not fast) from one end of wal-mart to the other, and by the time I got to the register I had sweat falling down my face. I don't sweat that easily. I have finally cooled off but it has taken me forever and a day it seems to get that way.

I packed my lunch for today PB/Peach Jelly sandwich on wheat bread, a chocolate puddin' snack, and 2 chewy chocolate chips ahoy cookies. But everytime I think of that combination makes me want to puke, so I went to walmart to see if something else would satisfy me. I decided on BBQ Chicken Chunks. It's smelt so good on the drive back to work, I was so anxious to sit there and eat it, first bite, my exact words were "These are the nastiest things I have ever eaten." I've had them before but they were so gross!! I gave them away. I don't give food away, that's not me. I think that this is going to be a "nothing tastes right" week for me, oh what fun it is for me. At least I'll loose a couple of pounds in the process.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bad Little Me...

Okay Okay, I'm sorry that I haven't updated very much. There really isn't much to update on...sorry I live a boring life :( lol.

Well yesterday I spent from 1pm to 8pm detailing the car, and I'm proud to say that it is spotless, and shiney! But I'm also sad to say, that this will not be my car anymore :( SNIFF SNIFF. Well don't worry I have another form of tranportation, hehe. I've been saving this bit of information but since I'm a blonde and forget everyday to brink home the adapter for the digital camera home from work, I might as well just tell you.

I got a new truck, well it's not new, it's old, but it's new to me! LOL. It's a 93 Ford Ranger and only has 34,000 miles one it, SWEET! I can't drive it right now because the dude who sold it to me was being a nimwhit and put the add in the paper before he had the title in his name, sooooo, I am waiting on a duplicate title with my name on it, and once it gets here I'll be able to tag it and drive the truck and then my brother and Sister-in-law will take my car as a second car for them. SWEET.

I had to call the cops again on friday evening. The house on the opposite side of me this time decided we were going to have a little fireworks show, after the fourth. You know me and how I despise fireworks, but that's not the only reason, idiots like that ruin the priviledge for others (who do like fireworks) to be able to shoot them off in the city limits. I hate people like that. First of all he shot off what I think were black cats in my yard, which btw way scared the shit out of me because I was just relaxing upstairs in my apartment and it sounded like freaking WWIII outside my house. Then he ran to the neighbors house and shot off somemore. I call the cops, and of course our cops are so freaking slow by the time the decided to come check things out the dude had quit doing them. Well he shot of some more last night, but this time I just let it go, why bother when the cops are to freaking busy sitting on their asses eating doughnuts and sipping thier coffee???

The truck was not my big news for the week, I still may have some bigger news, but sorry folks you will, just like Laura (whom I tell everything too, if she ever answers her phone, lol), have to wait. This news can not be reveiled just yet.

You all have a nice Sunday, I am however going to clean up my pit of a place, and maybe have some company this evening. TAH TAH!....

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Fireworks

This is a picture of the fireworks in our town, that building there, yeah, that's part of the stadium our town just had to have...i credit the picture to the towns newspaper....i didn't take it....sorry!!!

OH HUM....

Well the holiday has passed, THANK FREAKING GxD. I had a pretty nice day yesterday, did my laundry, so I wouldn't wear stinky clothes to work for the rest of the week ( i really wouldn't do that). Then went to my parents house for a little barbeque, and played croquet, which I have not played in a very long time. I got 2nd, behind my brother who is always freaking first in anything, GRRRRRR.

Went up to the stadium (in my town for some odd reason they felt it was necessary to build this huge football stadiun for the COMMUNITY COLLEGE football team, to me they could have used the money for other things) to watch the night works. I got up there around 8 pm so I was sured a good spot in the grass to watch them, um....I think everyone else had the same idea as me. I pulled up and then proceeded to get bitched out but this woman with no teeth (the 4th always brings the lovelier of the citizens out of their holes) because I was parked in front of them. My response was, to shrugg my shoulders proceed to get the chair out of the trunk and sit my happy ass down. I didn't care, she could of moved her car and parked where I did, why she thought she had to sit SO FAR BACK is beyond me.

My SIL, niece and nephew showed up and sat next to me, that was cool, I didn't feel like such a dork then, lol. I was however LESS THEN IMPRESSED with this years display, um...they didn't even have a finale!!!! And have of the artliaries didn't do anything but make a loud BOOM. Yeah I'm saving up my money for next year and having my brother go get some good ones, and we can just have our own personal show, it would be better than last night. However we had a better display then the town I work in did, theirs display exploded around 4pm tuesady the 4th, sending one person to Joplin with burns. I guess it was bad, the truck that they had them in exploded, some safety box, ignited, some safety box.

I got to call the cops last night, I can handle the fireworks from the 1st to the 4th but baby when 12 AM on the 4th comes along the 4th is over, sorry to rain on your little parade. I called and said "Yes, I know you are busy but I would like to report people up the street still shooting fireworks and keeping me up." He asked where I lived i told him he stated "you are not the only one whose called about this in the area we'll get someone out there as soon as we can". I was cool with that, this was like around 1:00 in the morning, about 1:30 all fireworks were ceased! WOOHOOO!!!!!

I woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday, I was almost late for work.

Other than that no new news from me, come next monday or tuesday their maybe some news from me, big news, but right now nothing sorry charlie!!!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

All the hooplah

Well I'm so freaking ready for this holiday to pass!!! I don't like fireworks at all. I like watching the night works, but the rest of the firworks can kiss my big toe. No, I don't even light fireworks or hold sparklers, I just don't like them!

I was up until 2am this morning bacause of the stupid neighbors and their bigg artilary shells. I almost went outside and grabbed the stupid fireworks and shoved them up their butts, and lit them, but then again that would be considered "mean" and "inappropriate", and I would get jail time.

I went to my aunts house yesterday for a little 4th of july get together, she lives on a lake, and I went swimming, in fish poop, hehe. My cousin was trying to tell my 2 year old cousin (her daughter) to keep her mouth close, because she'd be swallowing fish peepee and poop. Well I was up on the deck eating some homemade icecream, I heard her start coughing, and my cousing laughing, and my other cousin stating "EWWWWIE FISH POOP IN YOUR MOUTH!!!". Then E (the 2 year old) stated, "Fishie Poop, I eat it!!!" I started coughin myself on my ice cream, as I started laughing my ass off. Then she was popping those little poppers, and she started jumping up and down stating "I did it I did it!!", Kids they say the darnest things.

I had her in my arms earlier in the day, and I said E would you give Auntie Thusie (as she calls me) a hug, and she shook her head no, and I started to fake cry, and she said "you a baby" and got down. LOL.

Well other than that nothing interesting to post, so I guess I'll get back to work, yes I am at work, we are officially the only office in our office complex who is working today, IT SUCKS BIG TIME, I had nobody to talk to on my break so I talked to a bird, and he was bored with me and flew away :(......