Thursday, July 27, 2006

2nd Video

NOTE: I'm an OOBBERR GOOBBER!! I really need to get a REAL life!!!!

Seeing that the first video worked (YAY!!!!!!) I will post the 2nd video, this just proves to everyone that my dogs REALLY REALLY HATE THE COMPUTER. They always find something to destroy while I'm on the computer reading my email, playing a game or reading other's blogs.....I'm just lucky that this pen did not leak all over my expensive white carpet!!!!

NOTE #2: For this 2 minute video (of nothing but my annoying voice) it took 1 1/2 hrs to uploud!!!!

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At 9:47 AM, Blogger KSHIPPYCHIC said...

LOL!! The puppies remind me of lil kiddies!!
I wanted to say thank you for droppin by my place and say hi from another ks girl!!

I was reading and seen you had a trip to tallequah - we LOVE going there as well, and used to go every summer down to lake tenkiller! Beautiful place that is. Now I have too many children to be hauling so much. LOL!!

At 10:30 AM, Blogger butterfly_chic26 said...

Oh I love The Quah also!!! I lived there for a whole 4 months, lol, then I flunked out of school, because supposedly they don't have a mojar called drinking, damn!

I will most diffiantly be reading her blog from now on, on a daily basis. I love your writings, and your pictures!!! I'm into digital photography also, but I'm just learning, and I've learned I really don't have the right digital camera to do all the stuff I want to, so I'm gonna have upgrade to a different one! That was 400 bucks well spent, lol.

Well you take care, and hope to hear from you again :)

At 2:38 PM, Anonymous Hannah said...

Cute! :-) Did I ever tell you that my family has a miniature dachshund? She lives with my parents, but I see her a lot!

Do you know if I can use photobucket with a camcorder?

At 4:32 PM, Blogger Angry White Chic said...

hannah - I don' tknow if you can or not!


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