Thursday, August 31, 2006

This Sums up my life at work! TO A PERFEFT T

Famous People From Kansas : Thursdays

For my first edition of Famous People From This Boring State, Kansas : Thursdays, I have chosen none other than Amelia Earhart. Her story has fascinated all of our history books for years. I credit the photos, qoutes and summary of her story to the official Ameila Earhart website, which can be found here:
  • Ameila Earhart
  • .

    "Her mysterious disappearance has made her saga the holy grail of aviation"

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    When Amelia Earhart, 39, lifted off from Miami on June 1, 1937, no one thought to question what America's favorite aviatrix was up to. After all, this was the Queen of Firsts: first woman passenger a transatlantic flight (1928), first femail pilot to fly solow across the Atlantic and first woman to receive the Destinguished Flying Cross (both 1932), first individual to launch a passenger airline (Boston and Maine Airways, 1933). It made perfect sense that Earhart would want to be the first ever to aeronavigate the globe. Only after Earhart and her twin-engine plane disappeared over the South Pacific and a 16-day, 4,000 man search produced no traces or clues - did questions beging to percolate.

    Sixty years later, authors, documentary markers and expedition buffs are still trying to unravel the riddle of Earhart's disappearance. The standard she-ran-out-of-gas-and-crashed theory has been eclipsed by juicier speculation that the Kansas native was shot down while on a government spying mission. Depending on who tells the story, she a) died instantly, b) was excuted by the Japanese, c) became the anti-American radio voice of Tokyo Rose, d) bedded down with Emperor Hirohito, e) was relocated by G-men to New Jersey, where she made a life as a homemaker under an assumed name.

    No less intriguing are the posthumous assessments of her marriage to George Putman the publisher who launched Earhart's career in 1928 by selecting her to be the first woman passenger to fly accross the Atlantic. ("I was just baggage," she acknowledged.) Researchers alternately find the Earhart-Putman alliance: a) a marriage of convenience for both their careers, b) a Svengali-type affair in which he called the shots, c) a modern marriage in which both delighted in manipulating the media. All in all, the woman who claimed she flew simply "for the fun of it" has proved to be, in death more than in life, a) more complex, b) more mysterious, c) more provocative or, actually, d) all of the above. (credited to Peoples: Most Intriguing People of the Century)

    Some Qoutes from Amelia:

    "The stars seemed near enough to touch and never before have I seen so many. I always believed the lure of flying is the lure of beauty, but I was sure of it that night."

    "One of my favorite phobias is that girls, especially those whose tastes aren't routine, often don't get a fair break... It has come down through the generations, an inheritance of age-old customs which produced the corollary that women are bred to timidity."


    Birth Name: Amelia Mary Earhart
    Born: July 24, 1897
    Birthplace: Atchison, Kansas
    Died: July 2, 1937, en route from Lae, New Guinea to Howland Island
    Married: February 7, 1931, to George Putnam

    Where is Atchison, Kansas?

    It is northeast of Kansas City, and it is Total Est. Time: 4 hours, 4 minutes Total Est. Distance: 214.90 miles, from my town of Coffeyville, Ks. (just some interesting trivia for you :) )

    Some changes...

    As you all may know I post and blog about what I am thinking and when I am thinking it. Sometimes my posts do not make sense unless you live in my head. I have made the decision, that along with my regular postings throughout the days, and week, I am going to set theme's for myself to abide by. Do not worry even if the theme for the day is something spetacular, I will still be posting what I think and what I believe on the days even if there is a specific theme for that day. I don't know why I thought about this while on my lunch hour, I think it is because I get bored on that hour, lol, and think up new things to spice up this blog. So here are the daily themes:

    Mondays: Shocking News Stories of all times
    Tuesday: Self Portrait Tuesdays
    Wednesdays: History of the Author of this blog, ME!!! (well damnit it's my blog!)
    Thursdays: Famous People from the great boring state of Kansas.
    Friday: The Most Interiguing People of the Century.


    Saturday and sundays is are free for me, do do what ever i want :) EHEHEHEH.

    BlogDay! 2006

    Well today is BlogDay, where all bloggers are incouraged to put down their 5 most favorite blogs with a little explanation of what those blogs are about. I however, just like my friend Barngoddess, could not pick out 5, you are all my blogger friends, and I love you all equally, and I just didn't think that was fair to pick out just five, so I again, just like Barngoddess put all my daily reads on paper and cut them up and put them in a cup, and had my co-worker L. pull out five.

    These are the ones she pulled out, although they are not in order, lol, she threw them at me, LOL. She said I was strange! How dare she!! LOL.

    To Be Perfectly Clear
    Just My Thoughts
    Ramblings from the Reservation
    Rache's Diary
    Truth is Freedom

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  • To Be Perfectly Clear
  • - I found Pavel over on my girls Barngoddess blog, thought I would go over and see what his blog was all about, and he quickly became one of my dail reads. He is always finding really neat stuff on the internet, and he shares his findings with us. I am always amazed on what he finds out there on this wide world web. Not to forget he has the most precious children one has ever seen, it just gets me how vivid their immaginations are, to be young again!!! SO you should go over and see what is on Pavel's site, I'm sure he has something really neat!!!

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  • Just My Thoughts

  • I again started reading Redneckgirl from Bargoddess' page. She is so truthful on what she writes, and she and I have a lot in common. She is a very beautiful young lady, who is raising 2 boys as a single mom. I have nothing but the most respect for her as it is hard in the day and age to be single, but even harder to be a single and a parent. She's alovely girl, and I love her geniune posts. (i can't spell either!!)

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  • Ramblings from the Reservation

  • This is my girl Barngoddess' blog. I actually stumbled across her blog from a Crime blog back in April, when a teenage nimwhit faked her own kidnapping here in Kansas. We have become very good internet friends, and I love her posts. SHe is not afraid to be herself, and this is what I like about her, not to mention her absolutely GREAT pictures of her horse, Scooter, her weenie dog Elvis (anyone who has a weenie dog automatically get's points with me, lol) and her cute little boy WeeOne. She also posts about the news that is happening which is great because it keeps us up with the current events, especially if you are not an avid news watcher or reader. I love her blog, and admire her for who she is :)

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  • Rachels Diary

  • Rachel has to be one of the funniest blogs I read throughout my day. It never fails I always laugh everytime I read her posts. She is not afraid to be herself, and voice her opinons of what she is thinking, and that is why I like reading her blog. Not to mention her emails or post so Belbo :) She also finds the funniest and cutiest pictures to post along with her blogs. She has also become one of my best internet buddies. We message each other on the weekends, when she is bored with what she has to transcribe, and I try to keep her awake while she does it, I don't think I do a good job though! I greatly enjoy reading her posts, when there is a new one on her blog, I get all excited!!!

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  • Truth is Freedom

  • I again came across Brian on Barngoddess' page. I love reading his posts, he is a very talented writer, and poet, and I enjoy getting lost in is daily posts. He makes me laugh and sometimes tears come to my eyes as the passion in his writings are so soulful. He has such a great imagination, and I love visiting his blog.

    Also just to let everyone know that the links I have on this blog are the links I go to everyday, and I enjoy each and every link for something that they offer that the others don't, it goes for EVERYONE, I do not play favorites, and I love each and everyone of you equally, you are my internet family, and you all keep me sane :)

    HAPPY BLOGDAY everyone I hope you enjoy my links, and you all have a blessed Thursday :) (just think tomorrow is Friday, and then it is a 3 day weekend WOOHOO!!).

    Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    Bank Of America = Evil

    So today we got our checks a day early, good right?!? NO. I have never had a problem before with cashing a check or even depositing a check a day before the check date, until today.

    On my lunch hour I went through the drive thru at our local BOA, and as usual I wanted to cash the check and then I was gonna turn around and make a cash deposit, this has never been a problem. The teller comes back with "Susan we can't cash or deposit the check until after 2pm because of the date on the check." I looked up and said "This has never been a problem before." and she continued to talk to me like I was retarded, and didn't know what the hell I was talking about I said "fine, just give my crap back." so she did, she told me to have a nice day, I said "Whatever" and I accidentally peeled out of the drive thru (i'm not used to my truck yet, it squeals tires alot!). So i went around the block and said "Hell, this is not right." Then I pulled into the bank parking lot and found a deposit slip dated in July where I cashed my check and deposited BEFORE 2pm on a Wednesday, (i keep them in my purse for some odd reason, lol). SO, I marched my happy ass into the bank and asked the teller, she said I had to talk to the supervisor, so I went back and started talking to the supervisor.

    "I'm sorry we can't do this until after 2pm, and even then you can't draw money off the deposit until after 2pm tomorrow." I stated my case, and showed her the deposit slip, "Well someone must of overlook this the last time." She said to me, I stated "This is not the only deposit slip that is for a wednesday BEFORE 2pm. This is retarded, I have had nothing but problems with your bank over the last year. You've lost deposits, sat on cash deposits for 2 days, this bank is incompetant." Is the jiff I said, throw in a couple of cuss words for the effect, hey I was highly pissed off. "I just want you to know that I will be closing my account." She went to her desk, "that's fine, what is your name and we will do it right now?" I looked at her, "I can't DO IT RIGHT NOW I HAVE CHECKS OUT." I stated she looked up at me, "Ma'am there is not reason for you to yell at me. This is our policy and we can't do it" I looked at her and said "Bet your policy will change tomorrow when somene who has more money than me wants to cash their check before 2pm the day before it is dated" She just looked at me and said nothing, "That's what I thouhgt." She stated "You can leave now." I said "Gladly." She was standing in the doorway to her office and I said "Just to let you know this young lady *she wasn't young by any means* was very nice to me, you on the other hand can go to hell" and with that I was out of there.

    I went to wal-mart and cashed my check there, no problems they handed me the money right over. I then went back to the drive thru (hey I have checks out and I need the money in the account) of the Evil Bastards, and deposited my cash. They had NO PROBLEM making the deposit at that time, and then with their little smartass selves "Susan, we have you all fixed up, thank you and have a nice day" I said "Whatever" and off I was. I didn't even have time to eat or smoke a cig on my lunch break, I couldn't have ate anyways I was way to upset.

    I get back to work and I find out that one of the other girls who bank at the same bank was able to Deposit her f'in check at 11:30 WITH NO PROBLEMS!!! This is why I"M SO HIGHLY PISSED OFF. She even got cash off the deposit AT 11:30 IN THE FREAKING MORNING!!!! I don't know I'm switching banks I do know that much. The Teachers Credit union here do not treat their customers like that, and I'm going there with my next pay check. Damn assholes!!!


    THis chickadee is on a strick diet. I bought like a never ending supply of Slim fast and Ensure. And you'd think that I like vegetables and fruit the way I hit the produce isle this evening at the store. Actually I can't stand vegetables or fruit, lol, but I'm gonna force myself to eat them because it is part of my diet, will drink 2 slim fasts a day one for breakfast one for lunch, and ensure for a mid afternoon snack (when I seem to get the munchies), and then I'm fixing like baked chicken or fish with salad, and fresh vegetables and fruit. I'm sticking with this, I'm tired of being the only fat pig in my family, and everyone else has lost 20 to 35 pounds, and they aren't even FAT, it irks me, I feel unattractive and slobby because of the fat I'm carrying around. I also walked with the pups tonight before sitting down, knowing that if I sat down I wouldn't get back up to do the walk, because um, I'm lazy!

    Well with that said I'm either going to watch Mean Girls (for the 1 millionth time) or The Ringer, don't know which one yet.

    TAH TAH for now!!!

    BuhBye Gabbly

    As much as I hated to take it off, the Gabbly chatter is now gone, I know *Sniff Sniff*, but I have had a lot of problems while it was on there, computer slowing down, people not being able to read the posts, so I was forced to take it off. But thanks to all of you great people who I have met and chatted on there :) I sure hope you still come back and enjoy my boring life here in kansas!!!

    *NOTE* I have a matter I want to blog about but right now i'm way to PISSED to blog about it so I'll post it tonight when I get home from work and doing laundry. Here's a hint BANK OF AMERICA are nothing but bastards! K, well that should hold u over until I can post what I really want too but to pissed to do it right now!!!

    Tah Tah for now!!!

    Wednesday Thoughts...

    So I've been thinking really really hard about moving, moving far far away. So far that you can't even scream at me and I will hear you, lol. No really when I visited my sista Diana 5 years ago (damn that's been a long time ago!!) I absolutely fell in love with Washington state. It's been on my mind for the last couple of months that I really really want to just up and move there. The only thing of course that is holding me back is my family, money, and job...oh and not having anywhere to live when I get there. LOL.

    I know that one day I will end up there, as I'm in love with the state. It's a love affair between me and the state. The state keeps repeating "Susan, come to me, susan come to me" and I keep saying "But i can't, I just can't!" lol. I'm a strange cookie, and I know this.

    So this subject has been laying heavily on my mind. I just don't know what to do. I really want to just up and leave and start a new life somewhere else, I think that this would make me happier in the long run. But the actual part of doing it is another thing. I can hear my mother now..."This is a big mistake, BIG BIG BIG, mistake"...I don't know.....

    Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    BIG DORK!!!

    I did not know i posted the video post 3 FREAKING TIMES. I AM SO SORRY!!! I'm a big fat dork!!!! Hey wait what am I saying I can just blame blogger!!! Yes, that is it, I'm blaming blogger!!!!! BAD BLOGGER BAD BAD BAD!!!

    Some videos to brighten your day!

    Okay in this first video, the one on the right, (who I think is the cuter of the two, eheh) is very scaryingly GOOD, the blonde dude is just plain scary, and the girl, well they should of auditioned harder for the girl, she um...can'g lip sync!

    Get this video and more at

    THIS IS ME!!!!!!!

    Get this video and more at

    "I feel sorry for the person who is recording this" <---That is the comment on this persons video, and I couldn't of said any better myself!!!

    Get this video and more at

    This makes me burst with happiness all over!!!

    Get this video and more at

    I'm not a big cat fan, but these cats do make the cut!

    Get this video and more at

    Just fooling around on this thing! LOL>

    you should go check out my myspace page :) I don't blog on there hardly ever, but I do put a lot of crap on the home page :) I know less is more, but in my mind clutter it up, makes it all preeetttttyyyy!!!! LOL

  • My MySpace

  • Update

    work block updated, boy i'm full of rage at work this week!!!

    Monday, August 28, 2006

    Lookie at what i found :)


    Get your own games at myspacegames

    Whew, What a weekend....and the last to know everything! GRR!

    Okay, so yesterday I say to myself "hmm...homemade nacho's sound great." So I get up off my lazy a$$ and gather my keys off the table and head to the truck. I get into the truck and start to take off down the street, well I didn't get very far. My truck decided it was going right, when a right was not in need, then it stopped. I sat there going "What the hell is going on?" I look up and there is a couple walking hand and hand (ahhhh so cute) just starring at me. The woman was wearing a tank top (and no, she should not be allowed to go outside with a tank top, no sir, it was nasty!) and the man looked like he had not showered in his whole entire life. But yet, they seemed to be in love walking hand and hand, okay back to my story, I looked up and that are staring at me. I get out of the truck and walk over to the passenger side. Freaking great, the tire was flat, what is it with me and f'in tires lately? So I get back into the truck and I know if i reversed back to my driveway I would get maybe 2 feet and that was it. So I took the chance and turned left and started to go around the block (one way streets are the shits man!). Then at the end of the block there was yet another BIG guy wearing something he shouldn't be wearing, he too started staring at me then he pointed, and I rolled my window down and stated "Yes, I know, it's flat, thanks for the concern, but I'm not completely retarded." Yeah, I was a little bit rude to the poor fellow, but damnit I was getting frustrated.

    SO here I am thumbing down the street, Turn left again head down the other side of the block, hit the stop sign. Yet 3 more people staring at me, I want to put a neon sign over the truck saying "I KNOW, IT'S A FLAT!! DUH!" but I just proceeded to turn left again, (remember I'm surrounding by one way streets where I live), finally on the home stretch, I only have 1 1/2 more streets to conqour before the stares stop. So I thumb away on down the street, and again I turn left (last one promise), then I turn right (hehe didn't say it wasn't the last turn, lol, gotcha!!) into the driveway, and i hear SCCCCRRRAAAATTTCCCHHHH. I was like UHOH. I get out and the tire was half way off the rim, and I had just totally etched a line in the driveway, oops, sorry landlord!!! I was like FREAKING GREAT. So I look back inside the back of the cab in the truck, no lug nut thingy (yup, that's what I call it), then I remembered I have no car jack, so me changin` a tire wasn't going to happen. So I run back up stairs call my dad (who sounds sick) and asked for my brothers phone number, kinda sad you don't know your own brothers phone number, he gave it to me, called my brother, but he wasn't home (or so it seemed, I think he was screening his calls, they like to do that!).

    So I go back out side and look up and my bestest friend just pulled up. I was Thank GOD! She got on the phone and she had her younger brother (he's like my baby brother also) come over and change the tire out for me. :) SO sweet. So now I'm driving on a tire that is 1 1/2 sizes bigger than the other 3 on my truck, my truck looks like it belongs in the special learning class, it's all retarded looking, lol. But i'm leaving work early today and getting a new tire to replace it. ICK! More money to spend when I don't want to spend it on a damn new tire! I hate being a grown up.

    So I toodle myself on down to the store, planning on only buying the essentials for my lovely nacho's, you know, lettuce, velveeta cheese, rotel(i spelt that wrong), and hamburger meet. But i ended up buying the whole freaking store! It was not supposed to be a full fledged shopping trip, hint, do not go shopping when you are hungry and youknow you have nothing in your home to eat! SO i paid the nice check out girl, and toodled on home. I spent 1 hr fixing the oooohhh so tempting nacho's, I sat down to eat them and I ate 2 bites and I was full! WTF?!? Full after 2 bites? Now come on! So I get up and throw the stupid nachos away, what a waste of f'in money, damnit!

    I called my mom and chit chatted with her for awhile, she said that her and dad were going to Tulsa, because dad had to have a test ran. I figure it's for his heart, since he has a bad heart, and is always getting things checked up on it, so I don't say much. We continue to chat and I finally asked here's the conversation as I can remember it:

    Me: Why is dad having a test done?

    Mom: For his pancrease (sp?), they are taking a biopsy.

    Me: Is he going to be okay?

    Mom: I don't, hopefully everything will turn out alright.

    Me: Why am I just hearing about this?

    Mom: I didn't want to worrying anyone until we find out for sure.

    Me: Who else knows?

    Mom: Everyone.

    Me: Gee, thanks mom, I feel importantn now.

    Mom: Sorry.

    Me: Well, i'm gonna go Love you, tell dad I love him too, but please make sure he gets the message, I don't want him to be the last to know.

    Mom: Laughs...(yeah, well i laughed too, but only because i was forced too, it really wasn't a joke). Love ya too hun. Have a nice week.

    Me; You too.

    Yeah, I'm the last person to KNOW ANYTHING that goes on in my family. I was even the last to know that my grandfather passed away. WTF? I guess I'm forgetable, you know "Oh NO nobody told Susan?" I mean I'm the biggest girl in my family (weight wise) you'd think that they would remember the fat chick over there!!! Nope! I'm always the last to know!

    And yes I only talk to my parents 1 time a week and they only live 3 miles from my house, I'm not very sociable, it's kinda sad in a way.

    My work blog is updated.

    Well for those of you have my work blog link it's updated, just thought I would let you all know, for those of you who don't have the link and want it just email me (email is on profile) and I'll send it through email, this is one that I don't want attached to this one :) HEHEHE. For obvious reasons. I don't want to be dooced or anything, LOL.


    Sunday, August 27, 2006

    Rain Rain Rain :)

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    Well, we got some much needed rain here my part of the country. The birds are singing, and splashing around in the rain puddles, like there is no tomorrow. Last night a few streets in our town flooded, because of the quick down poor we received. But that isn't unusual when it rains really hard in our town. As this town has a lot of low spots. Here is the
  • news story
  • from our newspaper about some occupants in cars being stranded in the floods (nothing extremely bad).

    Saturday, August 26, 2006

    Baptism and Storms

    Tonight my bestest friend in the whole world was baptised at her mormon church, in Bartlesville, Oklahoma:) It was a nice service :) I got to see her hubby Allen, and see her in laws again, they are all such nice people :)

    I went down there with Laura's mom and stepdad, and we ate at a chinese place, which now I'm starvin` again, but at the time i was full :) I saw a guy I graduated high school with :) He's such a cutie, and I have had a crush on him since high school. I don't know what he is up too, I didn't see his wedding ring on his hand tonight. He asked me what I was up too, and I said "nothing really" and he looked at me and asked again "No, really what are you up to" and I swore he looked down at my left hand to see if i had a ring on, but I'm not positive :) LOL. It's always good to see people from high school, although seeing them makes me feel old because this coming year will be 9 years since our high school graduation :) Laura's mom didn't recognize him (i spelt that wrong,lol)I said That's C.B. and she said "Oh, I didn't know who it was." lol. He has changed alot since high school. But he's still cute anyways :)

    While we were there a big storm came in Bartlesville, my friend Barngoddess will be happy now that it has rained :) A lot of people said that they so desperatly wanted the rain last night but they didn't get any, which they didn't my town in Kansas did LOL.

    Well here's some pictures the first 2 are of Laura in her baptism gown and one before she entered the church :) I cut the Elder out of one of the pictures because I do not have his permission to put his picture on the internet (i'm a considerate picture taker, :)) and the others our of the storm :) Hope you enjoy, you all have a blessed Saturday night.

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    Because again I'm bored...

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    Friday, August 25, 2006


    Well people I have went and done it now. Goodness I am SO SORRY! I let my "other self" out and now she has started her own blog, this is not good, not good at all!!! Oh goodness this could be very very very bad....very very bad! Oh NO!

  • Piper


    Well it's finally friday, yea! I get to sit around and do nothing all weekend long, sounds like a blast huh?

    My truck needs an alignment, poor thing feels like it's gonna sprout wings and take off when I go over 55mph. That's not good for me, because I like to go way faster than that, lol. I have to wait until I have the money to get the alignment, I wish I was wealthy, damit!

    I'm in one of those poor me moods tonight, it's fun, do you want to join me?

    All I can do is sit here and think how shitty this so called thing they call life is. Damit I want so desperatly not to feel this way, but it's so hard. My parents haven't even called me this week and I haven't talked to them since like last Tuesday. I know i could call or go over there myself, but I don't wanna.

    My brother is avoiding me, for what reason I don't know. We have one of those on and off kind of brother/sister relationships. Mostly off. He's so much older than me, 6 years. We never really knew each other, it's sad in a way. O'well, just goes with the rest of my not knowing my family days. I really don't know any of my family very well.

    Jade is sick, she has thrown up twice today, once before work and once right now. She has gotten her second dose of pepto, she is worse than a child when it is time to take that stuff. I guess, I don't blame her really it is kinda gross. Her nose is cold and wet so i know she's gonna be fine.

    Well i guess I'm gonna go jump into the Friends lives and have myself a pitty party, and drink some wine, o well hell, some captian and coke, sounds better.


    Testing my new template...which is not working out to great!

    Thursday, August 24, 2006


    Okay, I do believe I'm watching the most dumbiest (is that a word?) movie ever! I suggest that unless you want to go to sleep don't rent or watch Silent's not worth it and this is coming from someone whose only seen the first 20 minutes of the movie!!!

    Again, way to bored!

    feel free to take my dolls as your own :)...i'm just killing time at work! PFFFT...

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    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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    My Never Going to Get...Wish list :(

    Below is the list of things that i desperatly want, but will never be able to get :( Because well frankly I'm poor, and broke, and will most likely stay that way until I win the lottery, or something else that envolves getting a lot of free cash at one time.

    This YUMMIE Camera I so badly want, I need to go out and take more pictures with my digital camera....seeing THAT is the reason i bought the silly thing!!!

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Canon EOS Rebel T2 35mm SLR Camera with EF 28-90mm Lens

    Model: Rebel T2 Kit

    It's smart and sophisticated with powerful features like expanded shooting modes and an advanced autofocus metering system to ensure great photos.

    Fully automatic 35mm autofocus SLR camera
    Canon EF 28mm-90mm f/4-5.6 III zoom lens
    High-speed 7-point, wide-area selectable autofocus with advanced 35-zone metering

    For my bed room :) Because I do not own the bedroom furniture that is in the apartment now, it came with the apartment....:(

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    And just odds and ends that I want, and now I can never have :(

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    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    THe Chatter Gabbly

    So i enabled the chat gabbly here on the blog...:) Just for sh*ts and giggles :) feel free to chat amongst youselves :) Love all of you!!!! BIG HUGS FOR EVERYONE!!!

    I'm way to bored!

    i'm way to bored at work!!! way to bored!

    elouai's doll maker 3

    elouai's doll maker 3

    so freaking cool!!!

    i went to my body pavels blog and saw this, and that this was awesome!!! And so I decided to pass it around and post it her on my blog as well :)

    you basically can have a chat window and speak with whoever comes to your site if they are using the same program.

    How to do it, say you want to talk to me on my page (if i'm there, lol) you would do this, and a chat window will appear in the top right hand corner of your screen, and you can change the name to what you perfer it to be and chat away.

    you can do this for i think almost any website you are on....give it try, I'll keep mine up and open for the day so you can practice :) I have yet mastered the art of putting this on my sidebrower so i can enable it just like Pavel has :)

    Peace, and good luck :o)

    Tuesday, August 22, 2006

    Um...i just like being humilated!!!

    i do realize that I um should probably never go on american idol LOL....I STINK REALLY BAD, but hell if you can't laugh at yourself, then what's the point right?!?!?!

    Um...i just like being humilated!!!

    My "Other self'

    you can get one too at

    a closer up on the face :) I'm wierd, no need in telling me something i already know! THanks!!!

    blog freaking crazy...

    k well i started page with a story that i am currently writing..... here's the link, if you feel like reading...

    Monday, August 21, 2006


    Okay, so I thought why don't I priviledge myself in a nice book tonight. Well, um...yeah, it's a great book and all, but WHOA! I had to put the book down before it started to catch its ownself on fire. Oh by the way I read romance hell you got to get it somehow, lol. And boy howdy, this is one hot novel. I'm more of the Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown type of romance reader, this book is by a author who is new to me, Arranged in Heaven, by Sarah Jerrod. I've never heard of her before this book, but the concept of the book itself intriged *sp?* me. I'm more of the type of person if the cover looks good, I'm getting it, lol. Forget reading the back of the book. Yes, i'm the type of person who judges a book for it's cover, sue me, lol.

    I'm on page 76 chapter Nine, and I only started the silly thing at about 6:30 this evening....and Well frankly I don't think I should read anymore until tomorrow. LOL. I don't see how authors aren't hot and bothered by what they write, bet their spouses are enjoying the reproductions of their works!!!! LOL.

    Well now that I completely embarrased myself, and admitting that I read sumdsy romance novels, I'm gonna go watch some non romance tv...

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Ruth Newman and Sylvia Harris are two meddling ghosts who have more than just heavenly zip codes in common. Each has a single child whose happiness means the world to them. How better to assure their children's joy than to play matchmaker for them? Arranging for the two to meet is the easy part. Helping them to fall in love is something else altogether. Gayla Harris has no intention of getting involved with Dr. Dan Newman. He reminds her too much of her cold, uncaring physician father. But Dan's charisma and kindness--and her ghostly mother's helping hand--just may convince Gayla to give Dan a second chance. Told with humor and compassion, Sara Jarrod's original story is sure to charm a multitude of romance readers. --Maudeen Wachsmith --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

    REVIEWS (credited to the above picture and description and Reviews to (which by the way i drive by every morning on my way to work :) )

    The handicapped have found a champion!, July 18, 1999
    Reviewer: A reader
    As a person that doesn't read much romance, I got this book for pure escapism and found myself much intrigued. First, there were the ghostly, stereotypically Jewish mother matchmakers who might have made the book all by themselves had it not been for the novelty of the hero being an amputee. I don't believe I've EVER read a book where the romantic interest was an amputee. I was very impressed that Sara Jarrod would break the physical handicapped barrier by making it so. Good job, Ms. Jarrod!

    Obstacles are only as big as you make them..., November 10, 1998
    Reviewer: Jenniffer K Adams (New Jersey!) - See all my reviews
    This book was great. It was funny but it also conveyed some very powerful messages. I think that this book would be for anyone who is tired of the characters in a romance book being absolutely perfect. I believe that this book depicts how people with emotional and physical troubles deal with the obstacles put in their way and how they overcome them with the strenght of their love. It was a great book and I would highly recommend it. The sex wasn't as steamy as Heavenly Bliss but it was still a good book. The only improvement could be more sex scenes.

    My Review so far : DAMN GOOD BOOK!!!

    Monday's Stink!!!

    K, well update on my MOnday, it stinks. Good update huh?!? LOL. I'm in a great mood, but as far as others it's a very iffy question to be had, lol.

    Well it's off to do nothing but put jigsaw puzzles to gether online.....Buh bye, until I get home from work :)

    Sunday, August 20, 2006

    Sunday Nothings...

    well its Sunday night, and the dreadful Monday morning is lurking just around the corner, may I say ICK. Really didn't do much the whole weekend, just stayed inside the apartment, and cleaned and watched tv. Listened to some music, which I do do enough of. I am going to do that Friends blog...just need to watch season 10 to know where to take the characters to.

    I think if I don't get out of this house, I'm gonna slip into a path that I don't want to go down. Messaged J this evening just to see what was up, how he was doing, and all that, and for some odd reason he thought it expected of him to say he went on a date. I said cool, nothing much said I was glad he had fun. What I really wanted to say was "I'm so glad that you aren't wanting a relationship at this time...blah blah f*in blah..." but I didn't. I think he said it to hurt, and well it did, but you think I'm gonna show that to him, no...

    I don't know why and what it is that it does hurt...I mean um...I broke it off didn't I? So why is that I hurt so much by those words "I went on a date?" It was like a knife went through my chest right when I read it. No, the tears didn't come, but still it had the effect.

    I guess it's because Guys can get a date whenever they want...really they can. It's us women who have to put ourselves out there and basically where a neon sign over our heads that say "I'M AVAILABLE". *Shrugs* Life...I don't understsand it.

    I believe this and always have and always will. I was never destined to have that "Special" someone. I have had plenty of chances but I always, ALWAYS backed out of them. It's like I'm the guy and I have this commitment problem. The problem? The commitment part. It's better off, I'm okay by myself, I've never been a girl that needed the guy to be happy.....I have my dogs. (k, i realize that sounds sick). I'm not afraid of growing old by myself, never not knowing what it is like to have a family of my own, really I'm not.

    K, remember when I said there's a path that I don't want to take, this would be the path. I am slowing going down this path, slowly mind you. I know I'm not supposed to be on this path, but for some odd reason I can not turn around and go back up it. I just keep walkin` down it, like some complete idiot.

    I used to be able to move on past relationships, wrap my life into my tv shows, and books. But there comes a point that someone needs to open up their eyes and realize that is all but a dream, and get back to reality. I have yet to realize this, sure I know I just typed it, but I still don't believe in the reality part. I still dream of being some famous actress, going to all the hip hop parties and clubs, and dining with the other famous hotties out there (no, I'm not saying that I am a hottie, non the least!). But, you'd think I'd snap out of it, but no, I haven't. I guess dreaming is a lot better than actually living the life that you are supposed to.

    I don't know. I know i've said that iw as determined to loose weight, and well besides not being able to eat any thing really solid for the last couple of weeks, and loosing the 10 pounds in a week and half, I really haven't kept up with that. i know that if I continue doing what I am doing now, I'll end up like I was when I was younger. I'm not the type of person who can diet normally, I go either eating WAY to much, to doing things that one is not supposed to do. And when I tell my mom that I lost this much weight, she said "Good job! Keep up the good work." That's what I heard the whole time I grew up, until finally I just said forget it and indulged myself into hamburgers and sonic icecream and then bloomed into the 215 pound pig that I became, and slowly going back too. You know what she said when I gained the weight, I did it to hurt her. Yes, in fact I did. She has such a control on what I ate when i ate it, and kept tabs on all the food in the house, and if my God a doughnut came up missing, I was the first person she pointed her finger at. When I got my first job at Sonic, I went crazy. My mom wasn't there to tell me NO NO you can't eat that. Imagine what she thought when I was 14 years old and finding that the whole bag of miniture powdered doughnuts, 1 bag of doritos chips, 1 bag of cookies, and 2 litters of pop were gone in one afternoon. Yeah, it was a shocker to her.

    K, that was a switch of pace from where this stupid blog was going, sorry! I don't know I have all these thoughts in my head and I guess I just need to get them out. I call this my outlet, and sometimes I'm a little looney when it comes to my blogs. I do apologize.

    It's off to bed I go, so I can wake up in my sucky apartment, and go to my sucky job, talk to sucky customers, and then come back to the sucky apartment, just to do it all over again. YEAH!!!! What fun!

    *I'm okay, just needed to get some junk out of my head so i could sleep tonight.*

    Friday, August 18, 2006

    Um complete idiot....with a complete idiotic idea...

    Okay, so yeah, the title sums it up! LOL. But for the last 2 months I have been watching friends non stop...i'm on season 9 right now. And well sadly next week I'll be watching the end of the show :( I know, how sad. Yes, I also know, GET A LIFE WOMAN!

    Okay with that said, I'm gonna put my writing skills (um, the little that I have) to the test. I'm gonna start another blog attatched to this one and I myself am going to continue the stories in the lives of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe. Yes, as the title says, a completely idiotic idea. But, um, yeah, I have no life...and well um, that sums it up, I have no life.

    Since I've been on the Lortab, I have had nothing but dreams of being a 7th F-R-I-E-N-D. I don't know if anyone will read it, or if anyone was a F-R-I-E-N-D-S fan, I know I sure wasn't until I got sucked into that very first episode I watched, that made me ask my boss if I could borrow all 10 seaons just to figure out what THE H E Double Hockey Sticks was going on in the episode that I saw!!! Now it is one of my all time favorite TV shows!!!!

    So tomorrow...(i have to get some sleep, because no sleep means idiotic ideas such as this one) I will write my first episode :) I'm so happy!!!! Okay, I get the hint...and I don't see getting a life in my near future, but thanks for reminding me to do so!

    So come tomorrow, attatched to this blog, will be my first test of writing (well other than this sucky old thing) for the publice, I love my friends! to read!

    Off to bed I go!!!

    (DID I MENTION I NEED TO GET A LIFE? OH, I Didn't?!?! K, well I need to get a life!).


    Okay I spent 2 weeks on a 750 piece jigsaw puzzle only to find out tonight that between 2 dogs 4 of the pieces are now missing....GRRRRR!!!!!!! Now I have to go buy the same puzzle (which was not cheap) and do it again for 2 weeks, so I can glue it and frame it....GRRRRR....

    Okay that sounded weird. The puzzle I have goes really well with my decor in my living room they have a set of 4 different puzzles that go great with each other, and well I have all 4 of them and 1 of them is missing 4 pieces!!!! That is why I'm so upset!!!! GRRRR...

    K, enough with the GRRRR's.....

    What Ifs...

    I was reading barngoddess' blog this morning, and she made me stop and think. Thinking is not one of my best qualities, lol. But I thought I would do this to, because sometimes you just have to get those what ifs out of your head to be able to enjoy your day.

    What if I didn't listen to my mother when I was enrolling for high school? I would probably be in hollywood right now with a smoking acting career, and a celeb boyfriend. I didn't become shy until after my mother refused to let me take all acting classes as my electives my freshman year!

    What if my ex (not james) and I were still together? I would be living in bartlesville, living out the dream of having money!

    What if I was never put up for adoption? I would probably be living on the wrong side of the tracks in our town, with about 5 kids, and no money, and probably a drug addict and an alcoholic.

    What if I took that step in the bathroom that one day? I would not be here, and I would of hurt alot of people by doing what I wanted to at the time.

    What if my mother and I got along when I was growing up? I probably wouldn't have the relationship we have now.

    What if I didn't do what made me thin back when I was younger? I wouldn't have suck bad teeth right now, and I wouldn't be ashamed of myself when I look back on the pictures of my youth.

    What if I actually ran away that one day? I would probably regret it and refer back to number 3.

    What if I stayed with the boyfriend back in high school? I would be married to a guy that was in prison for raping one of my good friends.

    Those are my what if's I could go all day with the questions....but right now i'm depressed on what I just wrote. They aren't as deep as I intended, but then when I thought about the really deep hurtful would just stir up alot more what ifs and then I don't know what I would do....

    But life sure plays you some real winning hands, and then some not so good hands, to me I see life one day as a good poker hand, and the other days a reall loosing hand, you just don't know what the dealers going to give you!

    Thursday, August 17, 2006

    What happens when you make me angry...

    Lets just say that I don't take nicely to people who talk to me like i'm one of their children, and a red-headed step child, at that! This is how I calm myself down, and yes, it will be mailed, promise you that, I didn't spend 30 minutes typing it to not send it out! It may do no good at all, this maybe just the way they want things, but to me you can't treat people like trash, and get away with it....NO WAY JOSE!

    To Whom It May Concern,

    On Thursday, August 17, 2006 I called your office as I originally told a Miss Amos at extension 2135. I was to speak with her on a payment arrangement at this time. Throughout the time I spoke with her and the stated date above I had several people call from your offices. Each time I called I got shuffled around like some type of garbage, from one person to the next. Each person didn't know what was going on and it felt like there was no communication within your departments on your deliquent callers.

    To me for a said "Collection" agency they way you have been represented is very distasteful. Each co-worker didn't know what the one before him/her said, or even know who I was to be sent to. Several times I was told "We don't have a Miss Amos here" or "You are to talk to Dustin" but I was never sent to Dustin, I always spoke with some other representative, or "Dustins" voicemail. I told the supposedly Dustin's voicemail, each time "I'm going to call you on Thursday August 17th, after I get home. There is no point in calling between the times of 8am to 5:30pm as there will be no one here to answer the phone." But for 2 weeks your number showed up 3 times on my caller ID, and 2 out of the 3 times it was a different person other than "Dustin" that called.

    I did call on the said date above, to make the payment arrangement as I had originally planned with the stated Miss Amos. I could barely get out what I could pay at this time, when a very rude and uncontrollable "manager" Stacey Huskey came over the line. The way she spoke to me was very degrading in the least. I was to "swallow my pride" or "get a payday loan" because what I was offering, the amount I could afford at this time, was not reasonable. She was very rude, and started to yell at me, and treat me as I was 5 years old, and one of her own children.

    I do not know what tactics you take to scare people into giving you the money that the company that sent us to you but I'm sure that is NOT the way that Miss Huskey came across to me. She was very unprofessional and in no way understanding that what I stated I could pay at this time was satisfactory. No, maybe to you it wasn't. But unlike what she thought, I am not a money factory, and I do not have funds laying everywhere, to which I can pull the amount owed out and give to you all at once.

    Do you not take in consideration of when a deliquent client calls when they said they would, and tell you that they can make this amount at this time, as this is the only funds available to them, as a reasonable arrangement? Do you not work with people on payment arrangements? Do you always tell your deliquent clients that they need to go to their employer and ask for more hours? By which this Miss Huskey did to me? I work hard for what I get, and I do pay my bills, except for this one said bill, that I had let get behind, and to this date I still don't know how, I have sent money order after money order for this bill, and none of which have been applied to the account?!? I am researching that at this time.

    I believe treating us said "deliquent" clients as regular people who have just had some bad luck thrown their way, and understand where they are coming from, as regular people and not trash would go a whole lot further, than what I experienced this evening.

    You get every story in the book, and I do realize that, but when one of your so "delightful" employee's sits there and belittles someone to the verge of breaking down in tears, as what happened to me, because they got behind, and until then will they 'except' the arrangement, is very poor taste in deed.

    I strongly suggest that you have a talk to your Miss Stacey Huskey as she is very rude, and uncompasionate to the callers. I am not made of money, I can only pay what I can at the time I can pay it. It's not like I want this to go on my record, if I didn't give a hoot, do you really think I would of called back to begin with? Don't you think I would of just let you all keep calling and calling until you finally just gave up and sent it to my permanent record? No, I did call back, and I did do everything in my power to even give the amount I did at that time.

    I am not going any further on this matter, other than I think a little compassion towards your callers when they do keep with the dates that they are going to call, because they do not want it to go on their permanent record, into a little consideration.

    I also wanted to state that I did speak to "Dustin" and he was very apologetic towards the way Miss Huskey spoke to me. Although that was nice it was not comforting, he was a gentleman and very professional in his phone conversation with me. I have no problem with "Dustin" at extention 2168. He was not the problem, and the reason why I am sending you this letter, it was Miss Huskey, and her very rude attitude and "i'm superior and better than you" attitude.


    Susan R. ....(i did put my last name on this but um...not on the internet, lol)

    Yippie, I'm back at work!

    Okay, so I re-read my post from last all I can say, lol.

    So, I am back at work this morning...kinda here kinda know how it goes :) But I'm not on those pain pills anymore, I am still on the antibotics, right now I'm shaking uncontrolably (sp?), and I believe it is because I haven't taken one of those pain pills today, boy, I'm a druggie now!

    Tuesday evening I had the best call EVER, my best friend from Oregon called :) I love her to death :) She has been laid up on her couch for about a week, she fell off a locamotive, and she too is on pain meds, Perkiset (sp? again..). So here are two chicks that haven't talked to each other in a very very long time, talking to each other higher than a kite! LOL. I don't remember much of our conversation, and I'm sure she probably doesn't either :) But it was great to get to talk to her again :) I miss her so much !!! We've been best friends since the first grade, and we used to play house (when wee were 12 yrs old) with her new born baby nephew. They never had to worry about a babysitter because we would just carry him and take care of him, we were glad to do so :) I can't believe he is 14 years old (i think, my math ain't so good, lol). I miss you D very very much!!!!

    Then my mom called and asked if I wanted to move back home. I just was like " not really...I'm doing okay...I like being on my own." She for some reason had this notion that I wanted to come back home, it was a feeling she had all day on Tuesday. I reassured her that I'm okay, and that I like being on my own. Although right now I'm trying to figure out where the hell I went wrong on my financial status and why collection agencies are calling me....this has been driving me crazy for the last couple of weeks, I can't find where I missed a damn pymt!!! GRRRRR!!!!! But I'm gonna get that undercontrol today! I hope! I think she is worried that I'll slip back into depression, which is where I was this time last year, when I first moved out of my parents home. I told her not to worry I'm doing okay! I'm just lazy and like to sleep alot. I asked her "When haven't I prefferred sleeping over eating?" LOL. That's been the story since I was like 2 years old...sleep not eat...i used to say!

    Well, I guess I probably better get back to work, you all have a nice Thursday!

    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    Will be back...

    Well the last couple of days I've been, well um high on Lortab. LoL. I took the last pill a little bit ago, i have 6 pills left but i believe I will not be takinga nymore...because I'm loosing some of my non existant life, being on them. LOL. So that is why I have not blogged or visited many other blogs in the last couple of days. I don't make one bit of sense...and drooling on the keyboard is not safe LOL. So I should be back by the end of the week full force!!! Luv ya all!!!

    Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    Buh Bye Cute Puppy :(

    Well the puppy is gone, the dog catcher (i hate that word) called me just a few minutes ago. He asked me what the story was on this dog, and I said "well I went to let my dogs out last night at 9:30 and he was sitting in the pen" he said "Well, he's an awfully expensive dog, so I'm keeping him at my house, and if anyone reports him missing tell them they can call my home number." I was thankful he didn't take him to the pound. He is an awfully cute dog and I do believe he's a shitzu, I have pictures when i get home tonight I will post them of him. I was call him Ewawk :) I know don't name the puppy or you'll get attached but he needed a name, he was so stinking cute. I started up the truck this morning to head for work, and he tilted his head up in the air and let out a little cry, it almost made me cry. :( But it makes me feel better that he is not going to the pound to meet his doom. Like the dog catcher said he is probably a stolen dog.

    Monday, August 14, 2006


    Okay, me and my high self went out with my two dogs to let them go potty, and low and behold there is a no more than 8 week old shitzu in my dogs pen outside. A viscous one at that. Animal control can't come out until the i don't know what to do....i'm not about to keep the silly looks like Gizmo off the Gremlins and it's evil...i think it's scared of people....i don't know but my poor pups are crossing their legs because they have to go potty i'm gonna go back out there and face the evil puppy to see if i can get it out of the pen or at least leave it some water or something...i bet the neighbors probably thought i was beating the hell out of the dog because it was yipping and yapping and all i did was try to pick it up....i think it is very irresponsible for someone to just dump a poor defenseless puppy off at someones house. I know that is what happened they probably know i have 2 dogs (hint the pen outside) and thought that I would take care of it...i can't afford another dog nor do i want another i'm gonna go back out there and put water and food down for it...and it can sleep in the poopy pen...poor dog!

    UPDATE: Puppy is not evil...puppy was just scared. He/she is so stinkin' cute! But he/she can not stay here. :( I know i'm mean. I took it some food and water and it sure was thirsty. It's still dogs would have him/her torn in half if i brought it in. It let me pick it up after it screamed at me first....then it realized i wasn't gonna hurt him. So i picked it up and told him this "Awww aren't you just so stinkin' cute! You smell good too (he does smell good), life stinks doesn't it? I can't keep you, you'll have to stay in'll be safe...the neighborhood cats shouldn't bother you in here. Here's some food and water for you..." Before I put him down he gave me a kissy on the nose...i wish i could kee him (I don't know if iti s a him i tried to look it's to dark outside, lol). I know if i didn't already have Jade I would keep him...because shitzu's are expensive dogs, and like my mom said maybe he was wondering around outside and someone thought he was mine and just put him in the pen thinking that is where he belongs....maybe someone wasn't so mean to just dump him on me. I hope they realize if they did dump him that they did nothing but doom his life...because i can not keep him, he has to go to the pound and i think they keep dogs for maybe 4 days or something before putting them down...i wish people would just spay and nuder their animals! (K, now i sound like bob barker).

    Drunk at work

    So yeah, not really but to a point i am, lol. I went to the dentist this morning, I just couldn't stand it anymore....and now i'm on Lortab (hydrocodine) he said not to take it until night time, was in so much pain that i went on ahead and took a pill on my way back from the Ville to work. And now I feel like i'm drunk i keep sluring my words and i feel like i could pass out at anytime. HOwever the PAIN IS GONE WOOHOOO.....i also have antibotics. I will either have to have the tooth pulled or root canal well pulling it is the way i'm leaning because I do not have 800 bucks for a root canal.

    Well it's off to be drunk in the office :) woohoo!

    Sunday, August 13, 2006


    Well it's been one very painful weekend. I'm on the verge of tearing my left side of my face off. I was fine most of the day Saturday, until I was eating some cinnamon toast and hit the tooth, and well since about 7 o'clock Saturday night I have had the most painful experience, more painful then anything I have experienced before in my life.

    I've done cloth on my face...which seems to help until the cloth cools down, and it's very quickly. I known that my liver is all screwed up with all the advil I have been taken. I'm going to have to break down and go to the dentist...and it's gonna not only hurt the mouth but the pocket book also. I have had nothing to eat today...and surpisinly I'm not really that hungry. I have had water and kool-aid mostly....the kool-aid hurts like hell but I needs something with flavor.

    Right now I'm sweating like a pig...i get hot and cold chills face is swollen, I'm just plain miserable. This sucks!

    well I'm gonna go lay down now and try to forget the won't be likely but at least I'll try....

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    Quiz Fridays...

    Here are few quizzes :)

    Take the quiz:
    What kind of eyes do you have? (with pictures)

    You have moonlight eyes. Moonlight is the color of mystery. Your eyes symbolize your ability to see yourself as others see you. You have finesse for letting other people know what you think. You have a soothing and calming ability that you may or may not know about. You have the awesome ability to draw a person's negative energy out and replace it with a positive energy; the world needs more people like you. Some words to describe you: patient, self-controlled, perseverance, insightful, reflective, understanding, serene, and caring.

    Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

    Take the quiz:
    Which celebrity beauty are you? (Pix)

    Drew Barrymore
    You are the down to earth beauty. You are modest but still sexy. Guys love simple girls. Excess is trashy. You can't go wrong keeping with the basics.

    Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

    Take the quiz:
    What Puppy would you be most like.

    Golden Retirever Puppy
    You Are a Golden Retriever Puppy,Tolerant, fun-loving, and patient. You are eager to please - and attached to your frisbee.

    Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

    Take the quiz:
    Which GUY would you date? (((PiCTURES)))

    Vin Diesel
    You like a man who will protect you, with his BIG muscles!!!!!

    Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    Fool Proof Diet

    Well I have found the fool proof diet....want me to tell you what it is?

    Do not have any type of health or dental insurance, so when you have to go to the dentist because you have 2 teeth that are killing you (one on both sides of the mouth) and you can't eat anything but slim fast, ensure, and chocolate milk. And you don't know when you can go to the dentist, because you have bills that have to be paid....I will loose my 90 pounds before I get to the dentist!!!

    Oh by the way did i mention that my mouth hurts really bad, but if i put something warm in there it's warm salt water or coffee or something warm....I'll get an appointment next week, but that is only for the exray and antibotics I know I'm gonna have to take...then the part of actually getting the teeth fixed...i don't know when that will happne :( to scratch off my lottery ticket and drink decaf coffee.....

    Monday, August 07, 2006

    A-2-Z all about me...

    A-2-Z About Me Survey by bamachic49
    Name: Susan

    Nickname(s): Um...Susan

    Age: 26

    Birthday: December 3

    Birthplace: Kansas

    Current Location: Kansas

    Eye Color: Green

    Hair Color: Brown/Blonde Highlights

    Height: 5'4"

    Weight: pfftt...yeah freaking right!

    Lefty or Righty: Righty

    Zodiac Sign: Sag

    What Do You Drive: A Ford Ranger

    Screenname: many to list


    Color: Purple

    Number: 7

    Band: Evanescence

    Music Genre: Almost all types, but Alternative the best

    TV Show: Charmed/Friends

    Movie: The Goonies

    Actor: Ryan Reynolds

    Actress: Julia Roberts

    Kind of Movie: Romance

    Cartoon: The Smurfs

    Sport: Softball

    Fast Food Restaurant: Hmmm....Sonic?!

    Food: Chicken

    Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip

    Cereal: Trix

    Candy: Tootsie Pops

    Drink: Diet something

    Alcoholic Beverage: parrot bay / pineapple juice

    Quote: "Life is not a stop being a hoe!"

    {---Do You---}

    Have any siblings: yes

    Have any pets: 2 dogs

    Have a job: yes, i'm not a complete loser

    Have a cellphone: nope, okay maybe I am a complete loser

    Have any special talents or skills: hmmm....nope...

    Have any fears: never gaining trust from someone again

    Have a bedtime: heck no i'm 26

    Sing in the shower: nope

    Want to go to college: been there, need to go back and finish my 2 years and get a
    B.A. in some sort of shit

    Get along with your parents: as much as one can, yes

    Have any piercings: Ears, did have tongue will be getting tongue done again sometime

    Have any tattoos: Yes, 1

    Swear: well of course

    Smoke: *Cough* Yes

    Drink: I've been known to drink at times

    Do Drugs: um...prescribed....

    {---Love & All That Crap---}

    Ever been in love: yes

    Ever cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend: no

    Are you single: *sniffle* yes

    Are you in a relationship: *sniffle* geeesh make a person go hang themselves....the answer is no

    Do you have a crush on someone: yes, well i don't know if it's a crush exactly

    Ever been dumped: yes

    Ever dumped someone: yes

    {---This or That---}
    Fruit or Vegetable: neither, gross

    Black or White: now now....

    Lights On or Lights Off: off

    TV or Movie: TV

    Car or Truck: well Truck since i do drive one

    Cash or Check: Check

    Rock or Rap: Rock

    Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla

    French Toast or French Fries: French Toast (now i'm hungry thanks!)

    Strawberries or Blueberries: neither, they are both gross

    Cookies or Muffins: Muffins

    Winter Break or Spring Break: Spring Break

    Hugs or Kisses: Hugs sometimes Kisses

    {---Have You Ever---}

    Danced in a public place: I have yes, completely drunk mind you

    Smiled for no reason: well what kinda of person would I be if i said no? YES NERD

    Laughed so hard you cried: yes, and almost pissed my pants

    Talked to someone you don't know: everday all day

    Drank alcohol: um...haven't we gone over this already...YES

    Done drugs: Okay I hate repeat questions so i'm gonna say LALALALAL

    Partied 'til the sun came up: Yes

    Gotten a ticket: Yes, and caused 2 other cars behind me ones as well....yes I'm
    that good!

    Been arrested: nope

    Been convicted of a crime: nope

    Been in a wreck: none with other vehicles involved, always stationary objects, such
    as, walls and poles, you know the norm.

    Been out of the country: nope

    {---Random & Silly Junk---}

    Are you a virgin: Why yes....In my own delusional mind i am

    Ever TP'd someone's house: nope

    Ever egged someone's house: nope, have had mine egged before not fun at all

    How many languages do you speak: um...2 if you can call trying ot understand
    Ubonics as one...

    Who do you compare yourself to: i don't compare...I am just me...take it or leave it

    Ever regret anything: Yes all the time...and especially what has happened recently...They know what I'm talking about....

    Do you like being tickled: yes, how dorky is this question?

    What are your goals: To not have any goals...

    Are your fingers tired: Um....I do hope you are pertaining to this survey, then the
    answer is yes...if not...then THAT'S GROSS!

    Are you tired of this survey: I'm tired of the person who made this survey

    Are you happy: Um...not now I'm not thanks

    Sunday, August 06, 2006

    Beautiful Sunset

    I don't get many chances to take pictures of a sunset....but tonight I was bound and determined to get some good pictures in. The ones below are my favorites :) The Very last picture is of a firetruck and Police car down the street from my house, some idiot spilled gasoline all over the street!!!! I was outside earlier and thought "why do i smell gas, (as in gasoline)?" DUH SUSAN!!!! OPEN EYES AND LOOK!!! LOL.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Tour of my home...

    Well now that I've cleaned every nook and cranny in this place, I will let you all see what my apartment looks like :) I vacumed behind furniture and in the corners....Boy I'm tired!!!! But now i feel so much better since my house is so clean :) Then pictures of the storm that blew through and um...didn't leave a drop of rain! I'm gonna up load a video also, it will be in a later post!!!

    We'll start with the kitchen first, the last picture of the kitchen is from the kithen looking into the living room.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Now the living room :)

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    THE MIDDLE BEDROOM (which I'm going to turn into an office shortly)

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    AND NOW FINALLY THE BEDROOM (You can't see it very well due to the stupid sun light in the back ground SORRY!!!)

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    and the still stinky pups, the are fixing to get a bath here shortly....PEEEUUUUUU

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting