Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bank Of America = Evil

So today we got our checks a day early, good right?!? NO. I have never had a problem before with cashing a check or even depositing a check a day before the check date, until today.

On my lunch hour I went through the drive thru at our local BOA, and as usual I wanted to cash the check and then I was gonna turn around and make a cash deposit, this has never been a problem. The teller comes back with "Susan we can't cash or deposit the check until after 2pm because of the date on the check." I looked up and said "This has never been a problem before." and she continued to talk to me like I was retarded, and didn't know what the hell I was talking about I said "fine, just give my crap back." so she did, she told me to have a nice day, I said "Whatever" and I accidentally peeled out of the drive thru (i'm not used to my truck yet, it squeals tires alot!). So i went around the block and said "Hell, this is not right." Then I pulled into the bank parking lot and found a deposit slip dated in July where I cashed my check and deposited BEFORE 2pm on a Wednesday, (i keep them in my purse for some odd reason, lol). SO, I marched my happy ass into the bank and asked the teller, she said I had to talk to the supervisor, so I went back and started talking to the supervisor.

"I'm sorry we can't do this until after 2pm, and even then you can't draw money off the deposit until after 2pm tomorrow." I stated my case, and showed her the deposit slip, "Well someone must of overlook this the last time." She said to me, I stated "This is not the only deposit slip that is for a wednesday BEFORE 2pm. This is retarded, I have had nothing but problems with your bank over the last year. You've lost deposits, sat on cash deposits for 2 days, this bank is incompetant." Is the jiff I said, throw in a couple of cuss words for the effect, hey I was highly pissed off. "I just want you to know that I will be closing my account." She went to her desk, "that's fine, what is your name and we will do it right now?" I looked at her, "I can't DO IT RIGHT NOW I HAVE CHECKS OUT." I stated she looked up at me, "Ma'am there is not reason for you to yell at me. This is our policy and we can't do it" I looked at her and said "Bet your policy will change tomorrow when somene who has more money than me wants to cash their check before 2pm the day before it is dated" She just looked at me and said nothing, "That's what I thouhgt." She stated "You can leave now." I said "Gladly." She was standing in the doorway to her office and I said "Just to let you know this young lady *she wasn't young by any means* was very nice to me, you on the other hand can go to hell" and with that I was out of there.

I went to wal-mart and cashed my check there, no problems they handed me the money right over. I then went back to the drive thru (hey I have checks out and I need the money in the account) of the Evil Bastards, and deposited my cash. They had NO PROBLEM making the deposit at that time, and then with their little smartass selves "Susan, we have you all fixed up, thank you and have a nice day" I said "Whatever" and off I was. I didn't even have time to eat or smoke a cig on my lunch break, I couldn't have ate anyways I was way to upset.

I get back to work and I find out that one of the other girls who bank at the same bank was able to Deposit her f'in check at 11:30 WITH NO PROBLEMS!!! This is why I"M SO HIGHLY PISSED OFF. She even got cash off the deposit AT 11:30 IN THE FREAKING MORNING!!!! I don't know I'm switching banks I do know that much. The Teachers Credit union here do not treat their customers like that, and I'm going there with my next pay check. Damn assholes!!!


THis chickadee is on a strick diet. I bought like a never ending supply of Slim fast and Ensure. And you'd think that I like vegetables and fruit the way I hit the produce isle this evening at the store. Actually I can't stand vegetables or fruit, lol, but I'm gonna force myself to eat them because it is part of my diet, will drink 2 slim fasts a day one for breakfast one for lunch, and ensure for a mid afternoon snack (when I seem to get the munchies), and then I'm fixing like baked chicken or fish with salad, and fresh vegetables and fruit. I'm sticking with this, I'm tired of being the only fat pig in my family, and everyone else has lost 20 to 35 pounds, and they aren't even FAT, it irks me, I feel unattractive and slobby because of the fat I'm carrying around. I also walked with the pups tonight before sitting down, knowing that if I sat down I wouldn't get back up to do the walk, because um, I'm lazy!

Well with that said I'm either going to watch Mean Girls (for the 1 millionth time) or The Ringer, don't know which one yet.

TAH TAH for now!!!

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At 6:28 AM, Blogger brian said...

Morning BB,

I hate banks. They take your money gladly, but won't give it back!

Btw, everything after your posts of Aug 25th is all screwed up. I thought is was my work computer, but my home computer has the same problem. There are ghosts all over the left side of the posts. I use firefox for both computers. Don't know if you are having the same issues or not.

Keep up the work on the diet. You can do anything you set your mind to.

At 8:16 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

Hey, it's okay on my work MAC computer that uses Safari but not at home through Explorer.

If you use a credit union, the money is there immediately when you deposit it. Whether it's 2pm or 4:30 pm - that's one cool thing about credit unions. If you're poor like me, I highly recommend it cuz you don't have to wait for the tape to run or get there before 2pm. It's awesome!

You know what? We forgot about our weekly weigh ins!!

At 8:25 AM, Blogger butterfly_chic26 said...

Brian - Yeah I noticed that last night, that my birthday counter and my egg was um, not there, lol. Just a blank where they were, they are working now, for me anyways at my work computer which is running explorer, so if i Continue to have any more problems let me know, I may have to get rid of my template :( SNIFF SNIFF. I think it is only screwing things up!

Rachel- That's what I hear on the credit unions, and I AM going to take my business there. I don't need to be treated like a piece of trash, course I did act like it yesterday, lol.

Yes, we did forget about our weekly weigh ins, maybe we should start doing that! LOL>

At 10:18 AM, Blogger RedNeckGirl said...

Banks are evil!!! I had a lot of problems with BB&T also known as the devil. I'm glad to see you let them know what was going on....even if nothing changes they deserve to hear it! Hope you have better luck with the next bank.

I am so with you on the diet....I hate them but it's the only way to lose. I've shed another 2lbs but it seems like it's taking 4 ever but at least it's not a gain!

I know you'll do great! If you ever need to vent or diet talk I am here.....keep us updated! ~hugs~


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