Monday, August 14, 2006


Okay, me and my high self went out with my two dogs to let them go potty, and low and behold there is a no more than 8 week old shitzu in my dogs pen outside. A viscous one at that. Animal control can't come out until the i don't know what to do....i'm not about to keep the silly looks like Gizmo off the Gremlins and it's evil...i think it's scared of people....i don't know but my poor pups are crossing their legs because they have to go potty i'm gonna go back out there and face the evil puppy to see if i can get it out of the pen or at least leave it some water or something...i bet the neighbors probably thought i was beating the hell out of the dog because it was yipping and yapping and all i did was try to pick it up....i think it is very irresponsible for someone to just dump a poor defenseless puppy off at someones house. I know that is what happened they probably know i have 2 dogs (hint the pen outside) and thought that I would take care of it...i can't afford another dog nor do i want another i'm gonna go back out there and put water and food down for it...and it can sleep in the poopy pen...poor dog!

UPDATE: Puppy is not evil...puppy was just scared. He/she is so stinkin' cute! But he/she can not stay here. :( I know i'm mean. I took it some food and water and it sure was thirsty. It's still dogs would have him/her torn in half if i brought it in. It let me pick it up after it screamed at me first....then it realized i wasn't gonna hurt him. So i picked it up and told him this "Awww aren't you just so stinkin' cute! You smell good too (he does smell good), life stinks doesn't it? I can't keep you, you'll have to stay in'll be safe...the neighborhood cats shouldn't bother you in here. Here's some food and water for you..." Before I put him down he gave me a kissy on the nose...i wish i could kee him (I don't know if iti s a him i tried to look it's to dark outside, lol). I know if i didn't already have Jade I would keep him...because shitzu's are expensive dogs, and like my mom said maybe he was wondering around outside and someone thought he was mine and just put him in the pen thinking that is where he belongs....maybe someone wasn't so mean to just dump him on me. I hope they realize if they did dump him that they did nothing but doom his life...because i can not keep him, he has to go to the pound and i think they keep dogs for maybe 4 days or something before putting them down...i wish people would just spay and nuder their animals! (K, now i sound like bob barker).

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At 6:49 AM, Blogger KSHIPPYCHIC said...

Poor little dawgie!! Maybe it will find a good home tho.

At 7:40 AM, Blogger BarnGoddess said...

oh, the poor thing! I hate it when people dump animals :(

lol, bob barker..

At 8:34 AM, Blogger butterfly_chic26 said...

Animal control will be out this morning to get the poor little guy, and yes it is a little guy, i checked, lol. He doesn't look like Gizmo he looks like an Ewawk (from star wars). He's so stinkin cute!!!!!


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