Sunday, August 13, 2006


Well it's been one very painful weekend. I'm on the verge of tearing my left side of my face off. I was fine most of the day Saturday, until I was eating some cinnamon toast and hit the tooth, and well since about 7 o'clock Saturday night I have had the most painful experience, more painful then anything I have experienced before in my life.

I've done cloth on my face...which seems to help until the cloth cools down, and it's very quickly. I known that my liver is all screwed up with all the advil I have been taken. I'm going to have to break down and go to the dentist...and it's gonna not only hurt the mouth but the pocket book also. I have had nothing to eat today...and surpisinly I'm not really that hungry. I have had water and kool-aid mostly....the kool-aid hurts like hell but I needs something with flavor.

Right now I'm sweating like a pig...i get hot and cold chills face is swollen, I'm just plain miserable. This sucks!

well I'm gonna go lay down now and try to forget the won't be likely but at least I'll try....

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At 12:52 AM, Anonymous Hannah said...

Honey, you've got to do something. Can you find a dentist with a payment plan or something? I really hope you find something to numb the pain. *hugs*

At 9:52 AM, Blogger KSHIPPYCHIC said...

Gawd I hope this gets better soon. I think you will need an antibiodic first! I hope this day finds you at the dentist anyway, and getting some relief!!

At 1:00 PM, Blogger Pavel said...

You poor thing... I've never been to a dentist. Is it real expensive?

At 3:14 PM, Blogger butterfly_chic26 said...

Hannah, Hippychic, Paval -

Well i'm not in pain, other than the little spurt of pain that comes through every once in a while because i am now on Lortab.

I have an infection all the way into my sinus cavity...which isn't good. If you do not get abset teeth fixed you really could die from it. Which I guess is the worst case senerio, I don't think I want to die!

Paval yes it is very expensive to one who does not have dental insurance, and you have to pay for everything up front...luckly the dentist down the hall from my office the office manager knows my office manager and they are letting me pay on friday after I get paid for today's visit.

I would rather save the tooth and not have it pulled, buti don't think they will let me drag out the 1200 for what it will cost to ge tthe tooth fixed to save it...:(


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