Thursday, August 17, 2006

What happens when you make me angry...

Lets just say that I don't take nicely to people who talk to me like i'm one of their children, and a red-headed step child, at that! This is how I calm myself down, and yes, it will be mailed, promise you that, I didn't spend 30 minutes typing it to not send it out! It may do no good at all, this maybe just the way they want things, but to me you can't treat people like trash, and get away with it....NO WAY JOSE!

To Whom It May Concern,

On Thursday, August 17, 2006 I called your office as I originally told a Miss Amos at extension 2135. I was to speak with her on a payment arrangement at this time. Throughout the time I spoke with her and the stated date above I had several people call from your offices. Each time I called I got shuffled around like some type of garbage, from one person to the next. Each person didn't know what was going on and it felt like there was no communication within your departments on your deliquent callers.

To me for a said "Collection" agency they way you have been represented is very distasteful. Each co-worker didn't know what the one before him/her said, or even know who I was to be sent to. Several times I was told "We don't have a Miss Amos here" or "You are to talk to Dustin" but I was never sent to Dustin, I always spoke with some other representative, or "Dustins" voicemail. I told the supposedly Dustin's voicemail, each time "I'm going to call you on Thursday August 17th, after I get home. There is no point in calling between the times of 8am to 5:30pm as there will be no one here to answer the phone." But for 2 weeks your number showed up 3 times on my caller ID, and 2 out of the 3 times it was a different person other than "Dustin" that called.

I did call on the said date above, to make the payment arrangement as I had originally planned with the stated Miss Amos. I could barely get out what I could pay at this time, when a very rude and uncontrollable "manager" Stacey Huskey came over the line. The way she spoke to me was very degrading in the least. I was to "swallow my pride" or "get a payday loan" because what I was offering, the amount I could afford at this time, was not reasonable. She was very rude, and started to yell at me, and treat me as I was 5 years old, and one of her own children.

I do not know what tactics you take to scare people into giving you the money that the company that sent us to you but I'm sure that is NOT the way that Miss Huskey came across to me. She was very unprofessional and in no way understanding that what I stated I could pay at this time was satisfactory. No, maybe to you it wasn't. But unlike what she thought, I am not a money factory, and I do not have funds laying everywhere, to which I can pull the amount owed out and give to you all at once.

Do you not take in consideration of when a deliquent client calls when they said they would, and tell you that they can make this amount at this time, as this is the only funds available to them, as a reasonable arrangement? Do you not work with people on payment arrangements? Do you always tell your deliquent clients that they need to go to their employer and ask for more hours? By which this Miss Huskey did to me? I work hard for what I get, and I do pay my bills, except for this one said bill, that I had let get behind, and to this date I still don't know how, I have sent money order after money order for this bill, and none of which have been applied to the account?!? I am researching that at this time.

I believe treating us said "deliquent" clients as regular people who have just had some bad luck thrown their way, and understand where they are coming from, as regular people and not trash would go a whole lot further, than what I experienced this evening.

You get every story in the book, and I do realize that, but when one of your so "delightful" employee's sits there and belittles someone to the verge of breaking down in tears, as what happened to me, because they got behind, and until then will they 'except' the arrangement, is very poor taste in deed.

I strongly suggest that you have a talk to your Miss Stacey Huskey as she is very rude, and uncompasionate to the callers. I am not made of money, I can only pay what I can at the time I can pay it. It's not like I want this to go on my record, if I didn't give a hoot, do you really think I would of called back to begin with? Don't you think I would of just let you all keep calling and calling until you finally just gave up and sent it to my permanent record? No, I did call back, and I did do everything in my power to even give the amount I did at that time.

I am not going any further on this matter, other than I think a little compassion towards your callers when they do keep with the dates that they are going to call, because they do not want it to go on their permanent record, into a little consideration.

I also wanted to state that I did speak to "Dustin" and he was very apologetic towards the way Miss Huskey spoke to me. Although that was nice it was not comforting, he was a gentleman and very professional in his phone conversation with me. I have no problem with "Dustin" at extention 2168. He was not the problem, and the reason why I am sending you this letter, it was Miss Huskey, and her very rude attitude and "i'm superior and better than you" attitude.


Susan R. ....(i did put my last name on this but um...not on the internet, lol)

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At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Laura said...

Who in the heck was this to? Email me.

At 9:29 AM, Blogger BarnGoddess said...

oh my! it sounds like a bunch of losers you were talking to, almost as bad as my experience at Academy Sports!

At 9:32 AM, Blogger butterfly_chic26 said...



At 11:21 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

Chickie, sounds like Citibank to me. God, that will drive you nuts. Now you know why I put my account in to American Credit Foundation although Citibank phoned every day until they got the first payment from the ACF.

BTW - LOVED the letter. You go girl!


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