Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bored...bored...BORED....bored...yeah I'm bored

Just thought I share the boredom with you all. I have 3 more minutes left of work THANK GAWD...GOOD GAWD this day has been the longest one known to man kind!!! Plus I'm starvin marvin!

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At 7:29 AM, Blogger FelineFrisky said...

Well, here I am and it's FRIDAY! Yay! Friday's always seem to travel fast for me. It's over B4 I know it. Hope your's passes quickly and uneventfully so you'll have the stength to have great fun on the weekend! Hey - check in on Saturday - I have a surprise post coming! D :}

At 7:55 AM, Blogger BarnGoddess said...

lol, I can remember those days....clock-watching. Ever seen that movie? the one w/ the 3 girls that all workin the same office? weird but so right on.

my fat ass stays hungry 24/7

At 8:43 AM, Blogger butterfly_chic26 said...

FF - Yea!! It's friday!!! But my fridays always seem to drag :( Sniff Sniff. I'll come over on saturday and check out your post!

BG- Yes I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! Some people say that movie sucks, but obiviously they have not been in those 3 girls' shoes!!! I SOOOOO have!!!

Me too on the hunger part, but I'm also tired 24/7 (went to bed before 6pm last night...I KNOW!)

At 9:21 AM, Blogger RedNeckGirl said...

I hate the last half hour before you leave drags on and on. Happy friday...hope it goes faster!


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