Monday, October 02, 2006

Oh How I depise Mondays!!

Well if it is not obvious with the title I REALLY HATE MONDAYS!!! I hate being able to sleep in for 2 days, and then am so rudely awakened by the alarm clock at 5:30 on Monday mornings...GRRRR....

See you know what I did on saturday...for the rest of the day I slept...and slept some more...I think I was tired...(no really!?!). Then I got up and watched some tv, but I went back to bed around 9pm and slept all night.

Sunday I got up around 8 something in the morning, and got around and went and got coffee and some crossword scratch off lottery tickets (didn't win a darn thing) and went out to the duck pound and read some newspapers and scratched my lottery tickets and then went back home, watched some movies from Netflix, and then shampooed my carptes. Which now smell very purdy if you ask me.

Packed up the shampooer and the little ankle biters, and went to my parents house (The shampooer was theres). The doggies played and played and played some more for 2 hours in the back yard. But first I was an idiot that did no lift up on my parents back gate, and I guess a gust of wind blew it open. 3 out of the 5 dogs, Missy (my dads pointer), Abby (my mom's weenie dog), and My Miss Jade were all enjoying themselves in the front yard. Katie and Annie (my mom's other weenie dog) were good girls and didn't go out the gate. I was throughouly bawled out by my bad!

Katie and Jade were in rare form, I forgot to take my digital camera to take pics of them prancing around in the big back yard (it's really not that big, but to them it is)!. Although right now my computer and digital camera are seeming to have a little tiff with each other, so I'm trying to figure out what it is.

Katie and jade slept and slept and slept from 4:00pm to around 7pm last night, while I watched Dances with Wolves for about the millionth time. Who can not resist seeing Kevin Costner butt naked in that bathing scene?!?! Hmmm...NOT ME!!!

for the last 2 weeks I have had to pee like no other (WHOA TMI?!?!) Ever time I drink something in about 5 minutes it goes right through me. Hmmm....I don't know...I get up at least 4 times to go to the bathroom before I finally can get some sleep when I go to bed at night.

O, also I'm getting fat..yup fat...that's sad, GRRRR...why didn't anyone tell me that I was getting fat???!!! I don't know.

Well I guess I probably better get back to work, have a GREAT MONDAY (if that is such a possibility!!!).

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At 2:24 PM, Blogger BarnGoddess said...

How can you sleep so much? Id be achy! oh, I forgot, you have a brand NEW bed...that might make things different.

I hope you get your puter and camera's tiff figured out, I want to see more of your pooches pictures.

The pee thing, I was only like that when I was huge preggers....your not, right? have you ever had your blood sugar levels checked? Iced tea and coffee makes me pee alot, I dont drink it after 5 pm if I can help it!

Fat? who cares? I am getting fatter, I could give a shit less about it today. In fact, as the day goes on, I am getting bitchier..sigh. If I could take away Mondays for you, I would. I hope yours goes by fast.

At 3:45 PM, Blogger FelineFrisky said...

I agree, Mondays suck. Glad you enjoyed your sleep time. sometimes, your body just needs it. A catch up type thing. BG may be right - the new bed may be the cause. Your old bed may have been interferring with good sleep.

You have doggies? I missed that somehow. I shall have to go backwards and read up.

Sorry your having 'puter problems. I can empathize. It's aggridamnvating.

Fat. Oh, I know that feeling. I have been fortunate so far, my efforts, small as they are, have worked. I don't go out of my way to burn carbs, but I am walking evry AM - Just about a mile. 10 minutes. I actually feel better for it, surprise! Same food, just a little less. It is working. But you gotta wanna lose weight. personally. It doesn't work otherwise. D :}

At 3:49 PM, Blogger brian said...

Afternoon Bored,

Glad things are doing better with J. Sorry about work and all that crap. Maybe you have a bladder infection, that can cause excessive peeing. Don't know about the pregnant thing. :)

At 11:39 PM, Blogger melvinerickson5882912137 said...

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At 9:32 AM, Blogger Rebecca said...

The sleep part I do RELISH! I mean I CAN REALLY APPRECIATE A GOOD, NO A GREAT NIGHTS SLEEP! I used to be able to sleep 12 hours no problem when I was younger, granted I was n the French Quarter the night before, or just out in New Orleans with friends.... now, I do get achy after 8 hours....

The pee part sounds like you have abladder infection. Call your doc and he'll prescribe an antibiotic ....I find that iced tea makes me pee more too though!

Fat...girlfriend I am the QUEEN of fat. I have seriously considered the gastric lap band surgery. But I know now I have a love relationship with food. I love it, apparently it loves me and we're an unhappy family..

I'm still glad you have love back in your life! ENJOY!!!

At 10:14 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

I had the Monday from hell! Don't worry about fat - insulation for the upcoming winter which we know in Kansas will be ass biting cold.

Peeing alot and fatigue are also PMS symptoms so hang in there. Let us know!

At 11:55 AM, Blogger RedNeckGirl said...

i hate mondays too.....sounds like you and your puppies had fun this weekend.

I am trying to lose weight and I struggle with it daily.....I just decided to take it one day at a time and try not to get overwhealmed. I've recently been cutting back on sodas and increasing my activity...hopefully that will boost my weight loss.

Hugs to you!


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