Thursday, October 12, 2006

So here I am....

I'm alot better than I was yesterday. I was like numb yesterday, I've been in "duh" mode the last 2 days...ever since that happeend at work yesterday. I do appreciate everyones concern, I'm okay, for now I have a job, FOR NOW = key words. A shout out to my girl Rach, man you have no idea how much I needed laughs the last couple of days, I'm so glad you we have a way to chat online during the work day, THANK YOU BUNCHES!!! I did get paid they paid us out of the other companys checking account. But that company is also in the same boat as this one, I think the agents said they would be back sometime next week for them. It's all like a really bad B movie, lol.

Here's what I know, and it's VERY little information, but I can give some light on the situation.

I am assuming that the company for some odd reason unknown to mankind are behind in paying payroll taxes and sales tax. Wish I gather is a BIG NO NO, I mean come on I don't have a business of my own but don't ya like have to pay that shit?!? The agents came in yesterday like I said seized all the money in the office for the company I work for (there are 2 different companys in this office), checks cash, cash off the owner himself, yes he had to give up his personal cash that were on his persons (i love that word, that's the word the agent used, persons), and froze the bank account. But once they got all their money they were unfreezing the account, which is a good thing, I mean I think we have maybe 2 more payperiods before we are swimming in nothing but shit.

That's all I know...I tried to just sit at my cubicle and ignore the whole ordeal. But my heart was pounding like crazy, it was like back in the day when I was high or getting high (yes um i smoked that wacky weed back in the day) and I would see a cop and my heart would like stop then all the sudden beat out of my chest, yeah, it was a pleasent feeling.

I registered with Kansas Job Link today, they are a government based employement agency, they help dislocated workers find jobs. I'm not YET a dislocated worker, but soon will be one. Myself and the other 3 girls in the office put in for the airplane factory in the town, they are hiring a bunch of people. I would probably stay at the same pay rate, and get health bennefits, but there's a catch, I have NEVER done factory work before. I'm afraid that I will get passed over someone with more experience, although experience is not necessary they train you for whatever department you are going into.

I can wait it out and just leave when they finally just shut the doors on the business and become a "dislocated" worker, and get school realeased job training, and that way i can draw unemployement and not have to actually have 2 contacts a week, meaning that I would have to at least inquire on 2 potential jobs a week. If this is the case, which is what James wants me to do, go back to school and get my nursering degree, but that's easier said then done. Granted I am half way there, but I can't draw unemployement, go to school, and keep my apartment, it's just not going to be that easy. I'm not going to make what I am making now on unemployement. There's just no way. I'm not moving back home I already told mymom that I would freeze this winter before I did that! I'm stubborn.

I knew this day would come, it's been working on itself for more than a year now. I just didn't want to have to face it. I love my job, granted there are some aspects of it I can do without, but for the most part I love it, and I love my co-workers, well now since Miss Lazy Ass is gone!

Maybe I need a break from working, maybe I should just wait until i can draw that unemployement and just take a break from life for a while. I will have to give up some things of course, like cable tv, and such, which is a total bummer in itself, i will NOT give up the internet there is NO WAY IN HELL, lol. Maybe the cable internet, but I will have some sort of connection to my outside world!!!

I won't starve, the pups will not starve, we will not freeze to death I will just have to be very consertive with the heat while I'm in the low blow. Many people a day become dislocated workers, if they can do it I can do it too. I just will not run back home and have mommy and daddy help me. I have been on my own for almost 2 years now, and I LOVE it, i don't want to be under someones thumb, nor do I want to follow some 60 and 70 year olds rules...when I have basically been living ruleless (is that a word?) for this long, NO WAY IN HELL, lol. Don't get me wrong I love my mom and my dad and I'm so thankful that if I do not succeed in my quest that there is somewhere I can go that will be warm and I will have food to eat. Oh that's another plus with not much money coming in, I will be loosing the weight, LOL, see I can make a bad situation into a good one!!!

Well that's all for now, that's all I know, and lets just hope that I can get on at the airplane plant, their next class is november 7th which is orientation, lets hope I'm one of the ones sitting in there learning how to build real airplanes!

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At 9:38 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

Get outta here! You want to do nursing. Chickie, that is my 2nd choice after law school. In fact, UAB accepted me I just haven't had the money to go. Since I already have a degree, I come in just needing a few basics and then it would be nursing school.

This IS spooky. And thanks for the shout out. I like IMing during the day too. You make me laugh so hard! And boy, do I need that right now!

At 9:14 AM, Blogger BarnGoddess said...

After reading your post I want to dance around my living room singing "I will Survive!"

who sings that song? Diana ROss? shes kinda freaky nowadays..

I did that: went back to school at Tri-COunty in B-ville and drew unemployment for about a year and a half. GO FOR IT!!!!!!

it is the BEST thing to get more college, get paid, and get ahead.

I agree w/ James on that one...

lol, the high paranoid heart pounding thing.....I never liked it either!


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